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  1. Roz - Bookmarks is easy. Just go to the bookmarks tab at the tab then click organise bookmarks. You then have the option to export. You can do that by clicking file then export. Just save it somewhere easy like your desktop or something. Once you change profile you do the same thing but 'import' instead and presto. As for the other customisations, you have to get them back manually I'm afraid. Sue - lol ok.
  2. I'm so sorry to hear he is reverting {{{{{hugs}}}}}} I can't answer much but I don't think you need a 2nd opinion at all. I think you should phone Byron's back for advice on what to do explaining exactly what is happening at what times. Have a diary close if necessary. I do remember that Byrons vet said he had had some strokes or fits while there, maybe this is what he is having now? I agree with what stormbird said about the warmth too. I am hoping that he gets back to full health soon. Many thoughts and prayers to you too as I understand how very distressing this is after loosing one of my own in a different way.
  3. LOL it wasn't techie talk OK I'll try putting more friendly... go to start, click run, type in the following (excluding quotes) "firefox.exe -ProfileManager" click ok, that will open a box for firefox profile manager. Click on 'create profile' a box will pop up where you can enter a name. Enter Test or something you know isn't default. Press ok, the box closes, then click OK to close the big box left. Firefox will then open with no settings what so ever saved. Let me know if that works, if so, we can work on later on how to get the bookmarks back.
  4. Hmm. Try making a new profile for firefox. Close firefox completely (file > Exit) > go to your run menu (windows key + R) and then type in the following; firefox.exe -ProfileManager > click OK. > Click 'create profile' > name it Test > click OK and it will start up firefox again but from a new profile which is absolutely clean of settings etc. Try that and let me know if it works. If it does I will explain how to import your bookmarks etc from your old profile to your new
  5. These are more commonly known as flight suits aren't they and yep it seems more popular in american. They also use them as harneses there too. I've seen them on YouTube. If you search flight suits you'll see tons of (American) sites with them. *I* think they're stupid, but hubby would probably like
  6. Yes try clearing out your Cookies, Cache and History. If you have http://www.ccleaner.com, use that and it will do all that side of stuff for you. This assumes you have a Windows PC and not a Mac as CCleaner doesn't work on Macs
  7. lol. That email has been circling for years, I received it years ago. Needless to say back then I used to pass on chain emails then :roll: Don't worry Kris, some sound convincing don't they, esp when you received from your bro and microsoft worked
  8. Thanks, good advice there. No, we've not got him insured. To be honest, when we 1st bought him from Pet City, we were told they only live for 2-3 years (not true as we know now). Based on that and the fact that they were no longer supplying Kakariki's in Derby, we just thought we'd take each day with him as it comes. We bought Ziggi after reading on here that they can be paired. We then saw a small advert in the ad mag for a male Kakariki that turned out to be a female(!) and as far as we were concerned we resuced her from a terrible home which housed a cat that mauled her so badly her wing was ripped/torn and all of her wing feathers gone. She couldn't fly, was massively agressive to any approach but we could not leave her there. The price asked was almost twice that of the price we paid for Bertie but it was worth every penny just to get her out of there. Her cage was tiny, (gold fish bowl size)... how cruel is that? What's worse is because of her aggression from the cat attack I imagine, she bit everyone so they never ever let her out. The kids were smacking her cage with card board tubes as well while we watched. She even literally started ripping her own feathers out whilst we watchd her. Sounds sad, but now take a look at my Photobucket link at the bottom of my message and see the photos of them both from then and now this year... we're proud of the fact we've bought them on as we have with virtually no bird knowledge at all but plenty of TLC! We've agreed that we would have another one in a second as they are amazing birds and now even Ziggi is as friendly as Bertie! Thanks for the update. We are ll praying for Bertie to get better and Byron vets are absolutely amazing. I was amazed at the level of service myself when I have been there. I do certainly agree with Brooke that he is in he best of hands right now and am hoping he gets better. As for Ziggi living in a house like that, it really saddens me just how clueless or down right cruel people can be. I'm glad she found you
  9. Stormy can you link that again please as the link doesn't seem to link directly to it now. Thanks.
  10. So very sad. Poor Forest. :cry: Fly free little fella I can't believe just how cruel an nasty people are/can be.
  11. OMG well done. I'm so happy for you. I hope your reunited soon or have been already x x x
  12. I assume you mean me I swear I recommended 1&1.com as the domain names are insanely cheap at only a couple of quid and you get a year free. As for the hosting I use a private trader called lady stardust that sells unlimited hosting for $5 (£2.50) a year and so far I've had absolutely no problems or downtime with her hosting (which is through heart). Brilliant. My biz site (in sig) is through different hosting and domain name seller which are v. expensive but as soon as its ready for renewal I'm changing to 1&1 for domain renwal and the lady I know for hosting :D She also answers emails within a couple of hours (more that can be said for web site help desks!!!)
  13. I second Brooke's suggestion too. This is our vet also and the service there is second to none. They helped in our emergency situation also. Good luck. I'm hoping and praying for Bertie for you. Many positive thoughts and prayers to you both {{{hugs}}}
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