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  1. Oh - sweet baby GW's are lots of fun. Mine is trying to stop me writing this atm cause she wants her beak scratched - lol.
  2. I had my macaw cage made up for me by a company that does custom aviary's. Its aluminium, 6 x 4 x 5 and cost me about £400 including p+p. It was well worth it. It's large enough for my GW, her toys, and perches etc. I wont advertise - but if you want the company name then PM me.
  3. Yep - sandy perches are the best things ever. All mine have them and I never have to clip nails.
  4. How about ? - 'rolling around on their back, going nuts when you tickle their feet' People just cant belive that that is how Roxy acts when they see her in a good mood
  5. I have used the RCom 20 (Brinsea) and it is excellent to use and so easy. I got mine off Ebay - well worth a look
  6. I have my bird room set up by my office - so Im in and out all the day. They are out all day but have time with me when Im working or just chilling around. I have found my birds are just so much happier when they can 'do their own thing' Make sure that you parrot proof the room though, as I have found that holes do appear in the plaster in the strangest of places. I still dont know who made a hole under the macaw cage 0_o Of course - they have access to other rooms when they are with me - watching TV, doing the washing up, which they find amusing Its a great thing to do, your birds will love it. Forgot to mention cleaning up - its just so easy, I have big plastic trays (the typre that you get in the bottom of dog wire cages) under areas where they perch, this catches most of the poo, the rest I just brush and mop down in the mornings.
  7. My GW Macaw (Called Roxy) says 'HI' It seems to be a popular name
  8. Excellent ideas - esp the quality street lid one Will give me a reason to buy a big tin. The wire mesh (ceiling) is also good, I am getting the windows meshed and would be easy to do a strip down the centre of the ceiling to hang things off. All great ideas that alas, escaped me this morning.
  9. After months of house hunting I am actually in the new house and the parrots have their own room My monsters have a huge attic space which is lined and insulated but needs some finishing work ie plaster and a bit of paint. The windows also need to be sorted but that is another problem that goes on the list Anyway - have set up all the ropes and stands and curly ropes etc and everyone is having a great time but Roxy has found that if she climbs to the top of the curly / boingie thing she can take chunks out of the ceiling. Its not a problem at the moment but if i get the room sorted I dont want her to trash the place. What can I put between the rope and the ceiling to stop her doing this. Have seen toys with something that looks like plastic pipe ? But of course I dont think that it is very parrot safe. Any ideas ? Also it has to withstand the beak of a GW Macaw that finds the ceiling more fun than the toys - lol
  10. I have caught Roxy doing this a couple of times. She jumps down off her perch and roots around in all the bits that she has thrown away. I think she just thinks that its a bit of food and gives it ago. Im not too worried about it as she isn't intent on just getting the poo - just that bit of nut that bounced off the wall
  11. Good idea I feel a moment of culinary excellence is in the pipe line. Will give it a go tomorrow.
  12. lol - as it happens, me too with nice chunks of sticky pasta. Afternoon snack time is officially over.
  13. Cheaper and easier to just mash some kiwi and melon And have it on ice cream.
  14. Just spotted the 'Brazil' thread So - what about brazils not in the shells then ? Are these from last year crop and stored ????
  15. So thats why they havent got any in store.
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