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  1. hi i have an 8mth old handreared female celestrial parrotlet that over the last week has ripped up the sandpaper on the bottom of her cage, made a nest and laid 2 eggs in her little nest and is protectivly sitting on them she will still let me stroke her through the cage bars, but she won't come off her nest. The eggs are clear (she does'nt have a mate). what do i do? do i leave her with her eggs and if so for how long? i've been told that it can be quite dangerous for her to be laying eggs this young, is there anything i can do to discourage her from laying more eggs. any advise would be greatly appreciated cheers
  2. My sennie Milo, only makes very little baby noises, However he does have a a period in the morning were he calls and has a little screech, altough this is still not that loud. his brother however, who belongs to a friend is very Vocal the majority of the time and the person who handreared said they had been like this since they very tiny. I think the noise a bird makes is indivisual to each bird.
  3. When i first went in the vet asked if he needed to go fetch his gloves and was quite surprised when Milo never even attempted to bite him. I'm sure he will be a little more cauious with a macaw though. I think they do offer a blast of gas if the bird appears to be getting too stressed, but its somrthing that you'd have to ask about.
  4. he was really brave, he stuggled a little, but the vet was really fast and it was over pretty quick. he didn't seem to be too bothered altough as soon as it was over he hid under my chin. It was no where near as bad as i expected and its nice to have the peace of mind that should he go missing he's chipped.
  5. hi guys thankx for info on this vet i took milo my sennie to see this vets today, to get him microchipped. The vet was really nice and seemed to know what he was talking about. He microchipped Milo no problems and as the vets have a offer on at the moment the microchip only me cost £7.50
  6. hi, thanks for the reply i will give them a ring on monday. jem
  7. Does anyone know of a good avian vet in or around staffordshire cheers
  8. hi i was hoping for some help, my sister rescued a young dove from a cat, the dove looks to have an injured wing, does anyone know what immediate care should be given to the dove and if there are any wildlife shelters or knowledgeable people in the staffordshire area this little guy can be taken to be looked after properly. I would much appreciate any help or advise. thankx jem
  9. Hi i was hoping that someone would know,what the difference is beetween Oyster grit and normal grit and do all birds need grit for digestion? also how often are you supposed to give your birds egg food? my teals get it twice a week is that 2 much or not quite enough? cheers jemma
  10. hi guys i have had my two cockateil's peppa and rocco living together for a couple of months. rocco is around 18mths and peppa is 5mths. they got on really well to begin with he(rocco) was so happy to have a little birdie friend they both used follow & preened each other it was so nice. although recently she(peppa) has started been really mean to little rococo, every time he goes near her she bites him & chases him away, and early yesterday evening rocco had two areas of dried blood on his wings with 2 little cuts. im not sure if this is down to her but i dont know how eals he would have cut himself ?? so i have set up the another cage and moved peppa into a cage next to his, but this has made rocco so sad he spends all his time trying to get to her, i've let them out together but she just bites him if he gets to close. so i was hoping for some advise as rocco is not happy, he misses his friend, would there be any reason that peppa has recently 'gone off' him, do you think that this is just a phase or is there anything i can do to help them become friends again, its so sad thankx jemma
  11. hi the avairy is pretty secluded & they don't really get disturped apart from when i feed them and let out first thing in a morning, they are always already inside when i shut the door leading to outside flight at night so they don't even see me then.
  12. hi, my sennies started humping like crazy :oops: around 3 weeks ago, the male has only just started this week letting the female go into the nest box and they both only really ever go into the outside flight for a hump and then they are straight back inside.i've seen him feeding & preening her put are they just 'havin fun' :shock: or should i be expectin any eggs at some point. i have imroved there diet is there anything eals i should be doing? i would much appreciate any advise cheers jemma
  13. hi thanks for the responses i have just ordered the premium parrot from the website you gave me the link to aswell as some seeds for soaking. i did'nt think that we would be getting any chicks with them as they have only been in the avairy togeather a couple of months,also my pair are only young aprox 4yrs & i was told that they wouldn't breed until they were 5 or 6yrs (does anyone know if this is true?) but they started humping :oops: a couple of days ago, the male has started to go in the nest box, but i have yet to see the female go in, she seems to sits on a perch outside nestbox, so i guess ill just have to wait & see .
  14. hi i have a pair of senegals in an avairy & i was hoping for some advise on how to improve there diet. at the moment i am feeding them on premium parrot mix from the local pet shop which seems to have a few to many sunflower seeds. they also get different fruit & veg everyday, i was wondering if anyone could recommend a certain brand or type of seed mix that would be better for my birds. also i keep hearing about egg food, would it be a good idea to start feeding them this, is it something that needs to be fed to them everyday or just a couple of times a week? do i need to be giving them any kind of vit supplements? finally they have just started mating quite frequently is there anything extra i should be giving them at this time? thanks
  15. hi sorry for asking so many questions. but i was hoping someone may be able to help, i brought a proven pair of ''tame'' senegals a while back that we have had dna sexed & both turned out to be male who really don't like each other. so we managed to find a dna sexed female who seems to have bonded with peanut 1 of our males, we have had an avairy built for this pair & they were moved into the avairy 3 days ago but they won't go into the outside area & still seem pretty scared, would it be best to leave them & see what happens or is there something i should do to encorage them to go outside or make them happyer in their new surroundings? i just really want my birds to happy & would be really greatfull for any advise. thanks jemma
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