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  1. i tried buying a pair of eckies of them last year but never got a response even though he was still posted adverts for there sale on petsclassifieds
  2. im in teesside and he can join my crew for a week or 2 let me know and you can come visit
  3. i have three hens soon to be 4 and ive never had the above problem
  4. yeah the males are louder but as i said its rare for them to really go on one
  5. males can call loudly but very rarely the females hadly ever make a noise they do like the odd grumble lool
  6. 50 plus same expetancy as any other parrot of a similiar size
  7. its carried on alot of places mainly skin its also carried on parrots on a larger scale especialy aviary birds i hate to say this but do you wrap ur parrots up in bubble wrap an all of problems are air born have you never had your birds out side have you never opened a door and a breeze blown in you cant kindel your birds away from everything feeding your parrots by mouth is something which has been done for year i know of a few parrots who were tamed by this method 20 years ago
  8. Both sexual and filial imprinting are a *self-defining* terms. If a 'hand-reared' bird willingly mates with another of its own species, then it is not human-imprinted. However, where a male bird which is not imprinted onto humans meets a female, in captivity, who is human-imprinted, he can mate with her whether she wants this or not. Birds are 'hand-reared' in a range of ways; some are removed as eggs; others are not removed from their parents until aftrer their eyes have opened. Some chicks are raised with their siblings, other are raised in solitary confinement. Studies of grey parrots have shown that the *amount* of parental deprivation is related to the degree of behavioural problems affecting these birds once they become adults. thank you was just wondering thought i might as well ask
  9. ive got one question not aimed at anyone but who taught a hand reared pair of parrots to mate??
  10. ricky my male solomon is always trying to hump my shoulder i just put him back and let him back out when he calms down
  11. yep thats how emmas eckie poppy works nice and calm one minute then just flips and yeah the misses is female mines male though we have 4
  12. all 4 of the eckies and the ammies love being sprayed while hoovering strange must remind them of summat
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