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  1. Thanks for the offer, but i cant leave my dog alone for very long at the moment, so was hoping to find someone local, Thanks ann
  2. Hello i have one baby jardine that needs handrearing, was hoping to leave him with the parents but they had other ideas, he is 2 weeks old, i cant do him myself at the moment as i have puppies due at the end of the week. Thanks ann
  3. Happy birthday Leigh hope you have a lovely day. Ann
  4. Weve just had a sprinkling of snow over night, we never get very much because we are by the sea.
  5. None in exmouth, frozen water in my aviaries, and very white with frost.
  6. 5 months is still very young, so with time and patience i would think you would have a very good chance, do it slowly and as david said dont force the little chap, good luck.
  7. Thank-you all for keeping your eyes peeled, i havent heard any news yet. Ann
  8. Kieth has just rang again his number is 01752 2301083
  9. I have just had a message on my phone from kieth in plymouth who has accidently let an aviary african grey male escape. He bought these greys from me but i have lost his phone number so hoping he will ring me back. Please keep your eyes open fot this grey and let me know of any sightings. Thanks ann
  10. Thank-you, having a lovely day family lunch at local pub dont you just hate all the stories that come about when you were young. Pampered at the beauty salon this morning as a pressie from daughter, and my parrot has just taken a nice bit of nail varnish of my nail, knew it was a bad idea. Hubby taking me out tonight for yet another meal, diet start tomorrow. Ann
  11. Hi Kleo, you can report him to preloved and they can stop his advert. Ann
  12. i would have thought that was very cheap, lovely place, shame access isnt to good.
  13. david the fast cars come in when the arthritus sets in and you cant stand in the cold to fish anymore.
  14. david you sound as sad as my hubby, he just bought a boat again so that he can go fishing again, this is what men do when they get to a certain age. hope you have lots of fun.
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