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  1. Hi David What is it you don't like about the Harrison's diet? My Senegal Dill has had it since it came out and as part of her diet she seems to do very well on it I mix it with her seed part of her diet, she really likes it, I'm always a bit suspicious of the coloured pellets, obviously any change to the Eclectus diet would have to be very gradual I just wondered whether Ekkie owners had a particuliar seed they liked to feed as part of their whole diet. cheers Carolyn
  2. Hi As some of you may know I am about to be the proud owner of a male red-sided eclectus. I know the importance of the fruit/vegetable part of their diet and I feed Harrisons pellets, but what kinds of seeds/parrot mixes do you guys favour? cheers Carolyn
  3. Thanks for that, it's a great site, some of the stories are soo moving especially the one with the lady who's husband had just died... 'Hemingway' was that fate or not, make's you believe there is a higher being looking after us all and our parrot's cheers Carolyn
  4. Hi Elle What species is pharrell cheers Carolyn
  5. Hi just outside Glasgow. cheers Carolyn
  6. Cheers! I had already read these through another post (I've been lurking for a wee while :roll: ) thanks Carolyn
  7. Hi the breeder says he was born on 1st March, he has started to take seed/fruit but I believe is still on a couple of hand feedings a day so we are just taking it easy, I don't mind waiting until he is ready. cheers Carolyn
  8. Thanks! I already have a 11yr old Senegal hen, so not quite sure how she will take to the new 'invader' cheers Carolyn
  9. Thanks to the info I got I managed to find an Eclectus breeder in Scotland and put a deposit down on this little guy, I am thinking of calling him 'Solomon' and hopefully will get a visit in this weekend. cheers Carolyn http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z137/marineBLU28/solly3.jpg http://i193.photobucket.com/albums/z137/marineBLU28/solly2.jpg
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