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  1. Just to let you know that eggs doing very well.Looks like they will hatch around 8-12 days top thanks to you all
  2. Thanks so much,all i need is to wait now and fingers X I will update you all later on BIG THANK YOU jay
  3. thanok,the incubator if fully automatic.At the moment humidity is on 43% . thanks
  4. Hi everyone.On the 10 th of november i have my greys setting on 2 eggs-all going very well and im over the moon.Four days later we had real bad wind and tree branch had dropped on my birdroom and my greys desert the eggs.Hen never came back to the nest.Ive moved the eggs to my incubator and replace them with dummys.She never cam back to the nest from the 14th. The good news is that the eggs are fertile and all going well in incubator. And the question is-----when do i stop turning and bring the humidity up if im not sure what day she lay the eggs.Last time ive check the nestbox was on 3rd november and there was nothing in.Ive candled the eggs on 14 and they just start to show the vains so must be very close. Any advice? I have reared parrrots from eggs before couple years back so thats not a problem for me but is there any way to check when they are ready?? thanks to all :roll:
  5. Hi,im jay and my loving hobby is birdkeeping.I do have aviery and handreared birds at home and garden.So if you ar going anywere i can help to make sure your lovedone has all attention and love. Call me anytime on 01258882168 thanks jay
  6. Hi Stacey,i know very good person to look after your birds.Her name is Tracy from Somerton and she has very good knowlege of birds as she is a breeder to of cockatiels,lovebirds and kakarikies.If you want me i can give you her number.Shes very easy going and happy loving personality. let me know,call me on 01258882168 thanks jay
  7. I need to get something for all -red shoulder maccaw -greys -sennies -amazons (bl fronted,or,wing) -lovees -parotlets any good idea and maybe a online shop to do all.thanks jay
  8. Yeas i have build a special landing and sleeping platforms.Birds are perfectly happy and there is no trouble but i try to help them with something to take the waight off the one leg,thanks jay
  9. I just bout a pair of blue h.amazons aprox 15yo. They are so lovely to,have been attacked by other birds i seems to think.Anyway they are ok with it as i been told past 3 years but i was wondering if i can make they lifes easyer and maybe extend they missing leg somehow by operation or plastic surgery etc.Im in Dorset area so if you know anyone or point me in wright direction,thanks to all,jay
  10. Im jay and i have just bout a red bellied macaw,any advice or general help will make me and my bird Oskar very happy,thanks jay
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