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  1. Thankyou to Jebirds who is fast turning into my animals Guardian Angel Thanks for the numbers and phoning your friend. You truly are a star xx
  2. Hi. I'm really sorry for not getting back sooner. We've a real time of it!! Thankyou all sooo much for your help and words. I'm pleased to say that we have her back now!! We're so relieved. We had a phone call on Monday morning from a lady who told us that she had spotted her on Shell Island and her husband had been following her for a few hours in the hope that she'd go to him. She was too scared and just kept running. She wouldn't go to ayone and several people had reported her running up and down the beach. From what we can gather she had been running pretty much the whole time she was missing. They got concerned when she collapsed in the sea. Her husband tried to coax her to him but she ran away so he followed her. We drove down there to get her and the security from Shell Island said they would drive us onto the beach. As we got there we had another phone call to say she had run into the sand dunes but was still being followed by this gentleman. We drove on the beach as far as we could and then climbed up some dunes but the gentleman lost sight of her as there were lots of trees. We walked for a few miles looking for her but no sign. After a couple of hours we gave up hope. As we were at a loss at what to do next and getting frantic when we had a phone call from the lady, who told us she was in a field 3 miles away and there were 6 people trying to keep her in there. So we drove as far as we could and walked the rest of the way. Luckily she was still in the field and she was really stressed. Desperatly trying to get out of the field. She was obviously exhausted and hurt. It took her about 5 minutes to recognise us but cried and ran to us when she realised who we were. She was totally filthy as she had been drinking out of a swamp. Her feet are blistered and she has some sores on her tummy. We took her back to our car for some fresh water and some food and then she collapsed from exhaustion and slept till we got home. She got in the bath herself and when she was clean she slept for hours and hours. Getting up every now and then for some chicken and rice. She's doing ok now. Her feet are healing nicely. She even wagged her tail today!! It's true that 7 dogs went missing at the weekend and Tess was the last dog to be found. She's having some trouble sleeping as she wakes up yelping and shaking. She must have been terrified. I'm amazed at the people who helped us that day especially the man who followed her for so many hours and to the security on the Island. Without them we wouldn't have had any hope of finding her. Thankyou all so much for your help and advise and can only say that the good vibes and thoughts worked! I'm just happy that I can bring good news!! Thankyou all again
  3. Thankyou for kind words. We hope that tommorrow brings some good news
  4. I'm just doing some posters now. All I'm hoping is that someone has taken her in and she's warm and safe cause the alternative is too much to think about
  5. Added a pic in my PhotoBucket. We have alerted their local pound and rescue centre. We are struggling with the vets phone numbers but the woman from the rescue centre is phoning in the morning to give us the numbers. We have a list of numbers from her to ring but most were closed as it's Sunday. We live an hour and a half away from Harlech and feel useless The rescue centre said that any stray dogs that are picked up in that area go straight to her and she has a photo. Doesn't feel like enough. We searched for hours (about 30 of us) no sign and no one saw her! :cry:
  6. I know this is a huuuuge long shot but I'm looking for our lost dog. Last seen in the Shell Island area in Llanbedr near Harlech. She got scared and broke her collar and ran off. She hasn't been seen since. This was almost 2 days ago. She could be anywhere by now. She is a 2 year old Saluki cross. She's a brown and cream medium size dog. I can send a picture but can't remember how to attatch it to a post. Am frantic and can't think straight. We have spent hours searching for her and now we've had to come home because of work commitments. As I said I know it's a long shot but we're desperate. We have tried the dog wardens and some vets but as it is Sunday most were closed and will be ringing around some more tomorrow. Wish I could remember how to add pictures!! Tut. If anyone in or around that area can please just keep an eye out for her I'd be so grateful. We miss her so much and we're scared for her. Thanks for reading! I will actually see if I can add a pic to my PhotoBucket!
  7. I'm in Colwyn Bay. I'll have to phone vet in Cardiff then I think. They may be better help!!
  8. Thanks for advice guys! I spoke again to the vet and he said the sheer stress of moving him to a different cage, getting him in the car and to the surgery and then having to give him something to calm him down could do more harm than good because of his nervous dispostion. I've to give him an update the day after tomorrow or to go in if he gets worse. Unfortunately he wont come out the cage as he isn't tame and is the most nervous bird I have ever seen!! He will growl and cower for 2 days if I simply move an ornament to a different place! I put fresh water in his bowl and more fresh seed before I went to work and on coming back from work my husband says he's eaten a little seed as the casings are in his cage, not a great deal but a few, half my husbands monkey nut in shell, a piece of apple and sucked the palm oil off his banana chips. His water bowl was empty too so he must have had a bath It's not as much as normal but more than yesterday. A good point bout the weather though. It started to get hot about 4 days ago. My cat isn't eating much either! I'm still concerned about him and hoping he starts eating properly again soon. I've been worried sick! Thanks again for all the advise!!
  9. My TAG Harry has not really eaten anything for 4 days. He ate half of a monkey nut I was eating yesterday but hasn't touched anything before or since. I usually change his seed food every other day and so thought that the sprouting seeds I was adding were turning a bit sour as the weather is warm. So started to change it once a day. After the 3rd day I stopped adding the sprouting seeds altogether just incase. Keeping the African Grey mix in. He looks forward to his Palm Oil on dried bananas everyday and is now not eating them. I decided today to clean out the food cupboard that I keep the food in and as I keep all his food in air tight containers decided to give them a clean too. In the bag of seeds I have for sprouting there were small black bugs which were not in there 3 days ago :shock: . I'm wondering wether this batch of food was contaminated with bugs. They had no way to get in the container unless the eggs were already in the mix. I'm also wondering if he could have eaten some. He is afraid of bugs and causes a huge noise if he can see a fly in the room. Is it possible that he's seen these bugs in his food and is now too scared to go to his bowl incase there's more in there? :? The African Grey mix is fine as I have have checked it and it came from a good pet shop who breeds these animals but the seed soak didn't. I have shown him I've thrown the food away and washed the bowl but he's still not interested. He is still drinking his normal amount, still playing with all his toys and still as noisy and chatty as ever but he just not eating. I'm starting to get very worried now and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions? :cry: I phoned my vet and he said to give it a few more days especially as Harry isn't hand tame and getting him to vets could cause him huge amounts of stress. Any suggestions would be great
  10. Thanks for all your advise! I'm a little happier today having read all the positive remarks. I can't get Palm Nut Oil from my Asda or any Asda in a 15 mile radius as apparently there's no call for it :? I am going to order it on-line. Thanks again to all x
  11. Ok. So the powdered stuff seems to be the best bet, however, I've just ordered liquid :roll: Being really naughty and expecting a slapped hand, can I dribble some into his monkey nuts before I give him one? I pop the case before giving it to him to check for any dust like substance. He gets one or two a day. If this is ok do I give it neat or dilute it? Can he have it on a monkey nut and in his water at the same time? My head hurts!!
  12. Just thinking about that calming nerves down thing.... I have a pet shop near me that sells herbal remedies for animals. I have had the boost one for my Kak who was severely depressed after she lost her buddy. She wasn't eating, playing or chattering and I was petrified she'd die of a broken heart! I put a drop in the water and it perked her right up. She doesn't have it now though. Would a calm remedy work for Harry or should I steer clear??
  13. He's not on any suppliment. I read somewhere not to put suppliments in the water and for the life of me can't remember why now. Tut. Where would I get it from? What's it called? I have been trying to track down Palm Nut oil for 4 weeks now!! I can get it off net for £5 something a jar but was hoping to get it a bit cheaper elsewhere. I think I'll swallow my pride { I hate doing that!! } and get some of the expensive stuff
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