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  1. Hi There, I am looking to upgrade my new lorikeets cage soon once she has settled in. It is not a huge one she has now but plenty big enough, but being so active i want a large one for her. The other one has a large montana cage which is nice, but i dont want two the same I have seen this Tower cage and it looks ideal, play area, high place to sleep and plenty of room at the bottom to hop from perch to perch and play with her toys. Has anyone got one of these cages? Any recommendation/warning about them would be great http://www.parrotcage.org.uk/p1-The-Tower.html?osCsid=f75a4713ca616e02838c32815cb7b7c6
  2. Thanks for the replies everyone. I think i have settled on "summer" as a name for her - bright and cheerful just like her! She is an absolute angel, you'd think she has known me all along, she's not at all nervous or wary in her new home. She spent a good few hours out last night, stayed on my shoulder most of the time and even came for a bath and sat on my shoulder preening my hair I dont think i've ever had a new bird just fit right in like she has with no adjustment period at all. She had been raised in an aviary until about 2 weeks ago when the breeder brought her in and handled her a bit ready for her to be a "pet", i wonder if having a more natural start to life has helped maybe?? Who knows! She has yet to meet the other birds. I know the conures will hate her so im reluctant to let them anywhere near her :shock: But i will gradually let her meet the others when she's had a bit more time to get used to me! She is enormous though, already a fair bit bigger than Ruby as an adult, and she's not yet 3 months old!! I knew this sub species was bigger but she is going to be a very large bird She is a black capped, but a lorius lory sub species
  3. She should get some different patterns/colours as she grows, i believe her belly will get more purple, but i've not actually had this particular species before so im not 100% sure how her colours will develop, should be interesting! I did think of Rainbow and shorten it t "bo" but i already have a dog called "beau" so that would get far too confusing
  4. Yeah, i was very shocked to get her as quickly as i did! Advertised about 2 weeks ago (only on here and one other website) and almost immediately had the offer of two, this one and one in Holland! Surprisingly enough, Holland was a bit far And the breeder of this baby said that although she was raised in a normal aviary environment, she was just SO people orientated and friendly he thought she'd make a perfect pet so was happy for her to go as that. Im chuffed with her, she is a stunning looking bird with the most wonderful personality.
  5. Picked up my new baby today, currently trying to decide on a name so she is "nameless" at the moment. Absolutely the sweetest baby ever! I opened her carrier and asked her to step up, she hopped onto my hand, had a look at me to make sure i wasnt scary, then hopped straight onto my shoulder and started preening my hair :roll: She's currently killing one of her toys - hanging upside down and tearing bits of the paper stuff off and making a wonderful noise with the bell She is a BIG bird, only about 3 months old but already bigger than Ruby :shock: Cant wait to see her colours come out over the next few months. As you can see in the pics, she's already had a snack, clearly she loves her food! Any pretty name suggestions are welcome. (She is already asking to be picked up, i've only had her an hour :shock: )
  6. Im sure most of you dont remember little Lola the YS GCC i got last year that was unable to fly. To explain briefly, i bought her cos she was being advertised on another non-bird forum by someone who clearly couldnt care less where she went. She turned up in a TINY box, shorter than the length of her so her tail was curled around, the courier had to cut breathing holes in the box himself as the previous owner had taped it up and not done that :shock: She was coming about 5 hours down to me which he was well aware of :roll: ANYWAY... She was a sweetie, a bit unsure of everything but friendly and quiet. I then noticed when she stretched her wings, that this is the clip someone had given her :shock: She couldnt fly at all, i only saw her attempt to once and she dropped like a stone, very hard into the ground - thank god i have lovely thick carpet!! The vet was not optimistic at all about her flying as she has almost no chest muscle But, today is very special. I let Lola and her companion CJ out of their cage and she FLEW!! Ok, it was only about 2ft onto my shoulder and was not particularly stylish or controlled, but she FLEW!!! I thought she never would Now... any ideas how to build up those chest muscles and get her strong enough to improve her flying??
  7. I have a black capped Theres not many lory owners on here, i tend to use american based birdie forums for my lory chat
  8. This was Ruby about 2 weeks ago: And today (excuse the state of her, she's due a bath): How much is she changing...? :shock:
  9. I managed to snap these pictures of Ruby's brush tongue while she was eating some grapes so had to share, im really pleased with them! Some are of Ruby just posing too Excuse her mucky beak - nectar :roll: http://i40.tinypic.com/34pb8gk.jpg http://i42.tinypic.com/n49kk3.jpg My favourite pic: http://i40.tinypic.com/73gsjm.jpg
  10. Thanks for the replies everyone! She is great fun. Cav3 - you can never have too many animals. Hogs are brilliant pets Here's a video of Ruby taken a couple of days ago, playing with her toys. She's nuts!
  11. Ruby is now 6 months old and doing great. She is developing an amazing vocabulary, she will repeat a lot of words after only hearing them once, she will ask me for her breakfast and tea at the correct time of day She even knows all of the dogs by name :shock: She is coming out with random words and sentences i havent even said to her so i think she gets them off the TV She is a very smart birdie http://i49.tinypic.com/2mcf0v5.jpg
  12. Thank you everyone for your comments and advice. I will give everything a go and see what works - hopefully we'll get the little baby flying again! And if not, well, im always on hand to carry her around I have already started making things easier for her (ie ladder connecting stand and cage so she can decide where she wants to go lol) automatically as i move and buy things, it doesnt take too much effort to make her life less stressful No bird deserves to be mutilated like that, especially jsut to help the new owner bond with them :shock: But poor Lola is such a sweetheart and im sure she would have loved her owner whether she could fly or not. Though, given the fact that im her 4th home by the time she was 4 months old, i do wonder if the clip and her being stressed by falling actually made her less friendly with her previous owners and that could be why she moved around so much... She was quite nervy when she arrived here, she hadnt been handled much i think. But, whatever happens with her wings she has a home for life here and we'll do all we can to make it a comfortable one
  13. Its certainly worth trying if they grow back. Poor little girl, it makes me so angry that because of some idiot she may never be able to fly :evil:
  14. The vet tried to do that but she just doesnt flap her wings :shock: He even tried throwing her upwards (but not letting her go obviously) like how you get a BOP to take off?? And she didnt flap her wings then, he couldnt get her to do it at all and i have not seen her even stretch her wings since she tried to hop onto the sofa.
  15. That is reassuring! The vet said that he was most concerned about the mental setback this clip will have caused her as she no doubt has hurt herself falling as a result of this clip. But the fact that she has almost no muscle is of course a concern. He did offer to pluck the feathers out to see if they grow back ok, would it be worth doing that or just leave it to nature? If what the previous owner said was true and the breeder did do this clip then he is NOT an amateur, he is a well respected (by some) breeder and produces a lot of birds. Like i said though, i can only go by what i have been told...
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