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  1. i've signed up to photo bucket and put pics on but cant get them onto parrot link, so i must be doing somthing wrong? my kids are away with their nan so they cant show me. lol.
  2. sorry for any confusion,you can just remove this message from your forum. cheers.
  3. i would just like to say a big thankyou to all that replied to my dillema of choosing the right parrot...................(drum roll)......... and my choice is......... i''ve just put deposit on a baby AFRICAN GREY! so just the LONG wait of about 8weeks now. i think i've made right choice. ( i hope)lol. anyway thanks for all your help & advice, sooo glad i found this site, its brilliant.
  4. still not sure to let him go or not.would have to be to a very loving home or avairy.i only had him because he was in a bad way and i thought i would be saving him from being ill-treated. he is a semi tame blue indian ringneck,cant be handled but will take food from hand,comes out of cage daily and goes back in on his own.i will be having a baby grey very soon so all my attention will be on him,and i think it would be a shame for billy(ringneck).plus i've been told they are better off in avairy?anyway i'm babbling on a bit now,so any enquiries or info welcomed.p.s its took me a long time and effort to get him to where he is at moment,and has got a good little character,but can be fairly noisy occasionally. :?
  5. hi, i'm new here so i hope this is the right place to ask? i'm looking for an amazon or baby grey, as i've been told these breeds are the best at being cuddly tame and talk well, i've also considered a lesser sulpher or medium. but some people are saying stay away and others say they are great. now my heads spinning. lol. can someone help, pleeeeeease? :roll:
  6. hi. i'm looking to buy my first parot (apart from my indian ring neck)i've been looking at african greys and amazons. i'm after something that can be cuddly tame and good talker. cuold anyone give me some advise please? any info would be appreciated> cheers.lee. :?
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