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  1. Zak and Jake are settling in great and are funny to watch learning and geting around in there cage. They have been out the cage this morning practicing there flying and landing techniques!! more to learn but geting there. They both never stop eating and love a bath in the water pot.
  2. Zak and Jake are home and settled into there cage, both eating and drinking and getting around fine. Both had a bath in the water bowl and we all got wet!! Zak can be more adventurous but Jake is doing fine, they are both so cute!! Keep you all informed.
  3. Zak and Jake are coming home tomorrow to live with us in their new home. We are already for their arrival it's very exciting!!
  4. Zak and Jake are coming home tomorrow. Cage and toys already for their arrival. It's all exciting for us, can't wait only one more sleep to go!!!
  5. Sure Bruce will get on with the baby blue quakers Zak and jake as he is so laid back and placid he hasn't a care in the world!! But with our attention I am sure we can get the quakers as settled as possible within a short time and all will get on well!!It just takes patience and love!!
  6. Looking forward to Zak and Jake coming home. They look so grown up and cute, can't wait. We have been telling Bruce our african grey all about them and who's the new cage is that's appeared next to his.
  7. Hi, Thanks to all of you out there, you make me feel very welcome and look forward to being in touch with any help and advice you can give!! Thanks
  8. Hi just been to see baby blue quaker from Gary. We now know it's a he so we are going to call him Zak, he is lovely as are all Gary's birds. Very excited can't wait to have him home. Thanks Gary for all your help
  9. Hi All, we have bruce our african grey 18 months, we are awaiting baby blue quaker Nellie at the end of July and also blue fronted amazon end of august Minty just parrot mad!! Love them all. Hubby going to build be an aviary as well
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