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  1. We feed a mixed diet and do include some pellets, we dont offer things seperatly its all mixed in together so they have to dig through it, the fruit and veg is different every day so there is always a surprise for them. Have found that feeding this way that the bowls are nearly always finished. We only feed sunflower once a week, as when we first got them they were seed junkies. Rachael ps this is used for our senegals and barrabands we will use the same mix with a few extras for our new grey.
  2. We went, not for birds though, just supplies, and lots of toys, picked up our new senegal breeding cages. It was quiet but it gave you more chance to talk to everyone not something that you can do in october. This october should be the biggest show ever, with all the different societies being there. Should be really good. I thought the standard was excellent, I tried to stay away from the birds as didnt want to be tempted.lol If you remember seeing a really tall guy with 7 kids following him around that was Dean.lol Rachael ps someone told me its only 15 weeks away :shock: major saving needed
  3. I would like to add a massive thankyou to everyone who has made us so welcome. This site is fantastic. Rachael and Dean
  4. We are Rachael and Dean although you will probably see more of me(Rachael) than Dean. We are currently the proud owners(or is that subjects) of 3 pairs of senegals and a pair of barrabands(superb parrots) We are not new to owning or keeping birds and keep and breed a wide variety of other bird species.(As well as 7 kids) We look forward to chatting with everyone. Have found advice on the site to be very knowledgable and friendly. Rachael and Dean
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