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  1. i'm posting in here because i cant post in Topics & Chat of General Interest,so here's the question Edited by MadMudMob thanks drew
  2. rocco likes lamb chops (thats his fav) chicken...beef
  3. rocco hates cuttle fish ,he never touched his
  4. doesn't matter what we eat he comes to me
  5. it does seem when me and my partner are eating and rocco is out of his cage,he comes to me all the timebtw (he loves lamb chops) lol
  6. oh 1 other thing,today as i was having my dinner rocco was in his cage(only time i get peace when i'm eating) stated to back kick his food out of his bowl (like a dog digging a hole) if you know what i mean?
  7. so i got a *** parrot oh great (only joking) as long as he's happy i am
  8. he only does it to me ,not my partner though,who he sees most of the time
  9. Rocco seems to be regurgitating his food and trying to give it to my what does this mean? thanks drew
  10. if all that fails get youself a bird loving cat that hates rats
  11. does it matter if hes a dealer or not a dealer as long as the birds go to a good home,some of these pet shops that sell birds have no idea of the conditions of the the house the bird is going to? am i right or am i wrong ?
  12. awww that was very nice jebirds thanks,thanks all
  13. thanks all for the nice warm messages,i will pass um on to my sisters
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