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  1. it's what always seems to happen as far as i can make out.. the posts earlier accused me of being ignorant, uncaring, bad attitude and couldnt give a damn about others or my pets.. not all from mummy. however i am not of fragile mind and i wont lose any sleep over it, i am just a teensy bit angry that some people can say what they like and others can't.. maybe i should start calling mmm roz or something.. hurrumph.. now good night you crazy load of wierdo's..
  2. read your posts.. including the one mmm deleted.. how exactly was i refering to you.. and bringing your mother into things? how exactly do i know anything about your mother?? please be quiet now as i really think you should calm down.. good night.. whoops, your speedy posts above beat me to it.. edit: mmm, without getting into more arguements, i really can now see other people points of view when you have done this warning thing to them. there was quite a few things said about me earlier.. it really does seem like some people (the more fragile ones) can almost say what they want in this place..
  3. lol.. are u oblivious to your own messages or something?? please be quiet now before mmm comes back..
  4. Not at all.. despite the baiting i had from you.. i'm just wondering why they are carrying on despite your "objections" as any person politely asked would surely stop, buy less offensive fireworks or walk to the nearest waste ground. if i had a nice note from showgirl i would take them to a remote location. If i had some person shout and scream at me i would tend to assume that they are crazy...
  5. now that is very sensible showgirl, however if you were my neighbour i myself would take the fireworks elsewhere. However if i had the other problem of a ranting "cat woman", then i would probably buy the loudest ones i could find..
  6. I noticed, im just wondering exactly how you "discussed" it with them. From the fact they carry on, probably louder every year, i'm guessing you discussed things in your own unique way..
  7. maybe they don't like their neighbour.. mine are great, they even share their burgers...
  8. Just a thought, those of you who have scared pets and neighbours who have a display.. have you actually appraoched said neighbours to discuss your concerns? before some witty person says something, all my neighbours have a display and yes all of us have animals (non suffering ones) How do i know my animals don't suffer? cos the birds couldn't care less and just carry on stuffing their faces, the cat stays lounging around and and the dog is used to loud bangs as i am a murdering gun owner.. now where's the petition to ban those also? :shock: :twisted:
  9. I thought this thread was about halloween. not fireworks.. we have one on that incase you missed it..
  10. I bet it's a dig at the sheep ****, firework loving welshman tho eh? Take some of your dogs medication and sit back and enjoy the view..
  11. calling me a t%&t, racist remarks inferring the welsh get sheep drunk for some strange reason... your lucky im not easily offended.. get to bed so you can get up early and shout at the kids playing football in the street..
  12. Second escape? sounds like they aren't that bothered about him to be honest. It will be great if you can offer a good home. I'm just wondering if the next step is them saying "he's yours for £300" ?? !
  13. Vista is a pain in the backside. The mrs has it on her laptop and its such a pain to do anything compared to XP. Showgirl as for buying a laptop i would scour the internet first, pick one you like the look of and compare prices everywhere. However, bear in mind that your daughter might just want to use the internet for now, but its a fair bet she will want to do more very soon. Go for lots of memory and a decent sized hard drive for music and pictures etc. how about this one that uses windows XP: http://www.pcnextday.co.uk/products/ProductDetail.asp?ProductCode=3381-2615
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