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  1. what can i say about the last few days. Well rainbow is settling so well and is so cheeky she makes me laugh daily. dont think hubby impressed lol all the birds prefer him normally but rainbow has took a shine to me lol hehe makes a change. he gets her out for a cuddle and within a minute she is flying off him to land on my head then she climbs down my hair to my shoulder to give my ear a little peck, not a bite but as if she giving me a kiss then she climbs all over me as if im a climbing frame. i think it has to be seen to understand how funny she is. i'm falling more and more in love with her each day that goes by now hubby thinking about getting a boyfriend for her lol only because other birds are boys and they like him best pmsl men! hubby loves rainbow too he think she is so cute he just wishes he got more than 1 minute cuddles.
  2. i have pics but cant get them on this site but they are showing on parrotlinks.co.uk my avatar is her and got another in sig
  3. hi i have 3 tiels and not sure what sex they are. I used to have them all in a huge cage together but have had to split them up as fighting or is it trying to mate. I never actually seen them fight but my albino had blood on wings where it looks like they have biten her (i dont know if her or him) since we have taken albino out of cage zebadee has been whistling alot which makes me think boy. Billy does talk a little bit so i also think boy he says hello billy but very quickly and only if you know it could you tell what he trying to say 2 of these are rescue birds and 3rd is bought and still a baby
  4. ok not sure how to start this but here goes....... Rainbow our pineapple greencheeked conure who we bought off gary on saturday. she started her trip to us stuck in a car for a very long time bless her. especially as we were late stuck in traffic jam on the m25 we decided to spend the day at my inlaws before driving back in that heat as we thought she had been in a car long enough. luckily i had a spare cage at my in-laws and she got time out of her traveling box to get a drink and stretch her wings. the cage was a bit big for her it is for an african grey but it done the job for the time being. the kids always have a melon at nannys and as usual the birds get some too....well i have never seen a bird go so crazy for a bit of melon lol she loved it. i think one of my mother-inlaws ringnecks fell in love when he saw her he wouldn't shut up wolf whistling at her. bless kimba he just kept wolf whistling and shouting how you doing at her it was so funny. i really think that helped Rainbow settling down nice and quickly she was already coming up to side of cage and watching my every move to suss me out. in the evening it was time to go and she had no intentions of going back in her traveling box :twisted: but to her disgust that was exactly where she was going. all the way home we played peekaboo while she was in her box to try and keep her happy. for a youngster she is very good at the game and was great fun. once home she got in her new cage and my plan was that she was going to stay in there a couple of days to help her settle down she definately had other ideas because as soon as she saw my tiels having there evening flight well she thought that meant she should be doing the same... she definately lets you know what she wants. she was a very good girl her first night i was dreading the sunrise as i have heard that conures make alot of noise in the morning and was expecting to get woken up. well when it came to morning exercise time she was not going to be staying in her cageshe was running up and down her perches as if to say im here dont forget about me i want to fly too. when she came out she flew straight onto my head wow they do fly fast i put my hand up and said step up and the little monkey bite me :shock: HARD i just ignored her and said step up again she then did climb on that time but gave me a look as if to say NOT FAIR as i brought her down to eye level she decided she would try again and Ouch she bite me again still with no reaction she gave me this funny little look as if to say did that hurt so i tickled her belly and she was leaning right into my finger bless her i think i won her over with that tickle as she has not bite me since. she layed on her back in the palm of my hand while i tickled her belly and she fell asleep it was amazing i have never had a bird do that before. the day went on with her playing with her new toys eating lots and coming for cuddles. well today has been the same she is jsut so cheeky and is sitting with me at the moment putting holes in my t-shirt
  5. Hi i have a 4 year old cockatoo named pip who we have had since she was a baby. she is so funny and makes us laugh all the time. only problem is she doesnt like children even though they love her they sit as close as she will let them and talk to her all the time its so sweet to watch. when we find the right parrot we will get another and will make sure the next likes children too. will get hand reared as pip wasnt we had to tame her and she is great now but only with me and my husband, she doesnt bite them just stays away from them and screaches at them if they get too close but she will let the youngest feed her monkey nuts(she must have a magic touch for a 2 year old)
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