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  1. And by the way robert for your information you where eager to sell the greenwing baby even before it was weaned your self so i dont see why your jumping on the band wagon matey.
  2. Dont worry im still here havent gone anyware been celebrating getting a bonus, people have alife beside sitting on the computer you know. First thing robert, yes i emailed you asking about the birds you have as i have been asked by a work collegue who doesnt have internet access, but now they dont want a parrot as his losing our jobs so he cant afford it. Secoundly i dont have a macaw for sale, yes the add i put on birdtrek but there is no bird for sale. It is a payback for a guy who didnt sell me a parrot when i wanted it and told me to to do 1.....so he can get all the calls and emails as far as i care it dont bother me.
  3. Ok, i have been to see the baby greenwing in question and 'she' as they have dn'd her is too young to be weaned as they now say that she is 16weeks old from being 12 weeks :shock: They also have another baby greenwing that was resrved for sombody which is 22weeks old and has aready got its wings cliped. I've told them about their weaning times but as they where presistant that they were right as a bird refusing feed is weaned, i left them at it hoping that their new owners will look after them properly. As for the suspected younger baby i believe that nobody has yet come forward and asked them about her as they where persistant on asking me if i woud like to see her ect As long as the baby is with them the baby will be fine as they would not want to loose money thus will look after it and feed it formula. Guess rather then spend another few weeks of their time and effort in rearing the baby they would rather leave it upto the new owners. Will inquire about her next week or so and see what the story is then.
  4. Hi, As im after a handreared baby greenwing macaw and have been looking around for some time. Today i have come across a 'breeder' who is selling a fullyweaned greenwing macaw at the age of 12weeks or slightly above. Although cannot remeber where i saw the add as i have responded to loads of ads, they have texted me the respose of saying 'a bird can stop taking feed when they want or can take longer' and that they have had a baby stop feeding at 12weeks of age. I've texted them prior to this telling them that the greenwing is surly very young and un-weaned for the age of 12weeks as i told him the minimun would be 18weeks if their really good eaters or more then that to which i got the comment above. Question is, i know some parrots they can wean at an early age depending on thier needs, but surly even if the baby decided she does not want formula anymore, dont make them fully weaned :shock:
  5. Hi, crissi is this the same bird that you are selling on the follwing link: http://www.giveusahome.com/discus/messages/9/19187.html?1194879709 Dont want to cause any problems just saw the ad and others that you have sold and had ads about cockatoos/others on both sites... http://www.giveusahome.com/discus/messages/9/18820.html?1194683527 http://www.giveusahome.com/discus/messages/9/19208.html?1194536541 http://www.giveusahome.com/discus/messages/9/19269.html?1194824433
  6. hi southmad, i dont breed birds as i tryed to purchase a breeding pair of greys but never got around to it as the neighbors would not allow it plus the garden is to small. I only perchased 2 cinnamon green cheek conure's as another thread states, neways i dont know what the weaning age for the conure's are either i think my friend does.
  7. Hi, a friend of mine is currently weaning off some blue crowned conure's and has noticed they have gone off food. They are 8 weeks old now and where eating seeds veg ect perfect fine untill they where moved to a biger cage where they seem not intrested in the food at all. All food is placed in the same dishes as used before on the bottom of the cage aswell as beeing supllied them at the top where the pot holders are but to no vain they seems intrested, this been hapening form yesterday mourning. Can some one please give some information on what should be done before it is to late as she is feeding them more handrearing feed as their not feeding them selves. Or could it be the change of handrearing formula has resulted in this.... as she used katee handrearing formula the normal 1 before but as stock could not be located she had to resort to the katee rearing formula for macaws?
  8. They fighting to an extent that i has had a few tail feather riped off as i have now seperated them, they call out to each other. Thanks would try give the nnot so tame conure more time an attension an see how it goes, could it be jealousy that the other 1 sees the tame baby fly straight onto my shoulders when let out to play?
  9. Hi, i have recnelty bought 2 green cheek conures who are both handreared from the same breeder. Well the problem is that 1 of them is cuddly tame can do anything with him/her but prefers to sit on you and nibble away on you chain ocasioanaly the odd bite on the neck. The problem is with the other conure, he/she wen apprpached to the cage runs around avoiding me, when out of the cage fyes off anywhere aslong as it is away from me. But when finaly managed to get a hokd of him/her would sit on my finger untill its off flying again. does anybody have a clue what he/shes problems is? as i had to seperate both of them now as their sqibbling constantly occasionaly fighting to though their only 9weeks old. any help advice would be greatfull. Miah.
  10. Hi, is it not illigal to buy and sell un-weaned baby parrots? Just recieved and call from a breeder offering me baby parrots as i was looking for breeding pairs, as i enquired about the has told me he sells them to pet shops and individuals ect. As i wanted to know more, not that i would buy them anyway, firstly the he is too far to collect the babies from aswell as i do not drive plus as do not know if they are healty ect. As to which he has told me has many people/pet shops buying babies from him as has told me to call carl from denton parrots as he has previously sold babies to him and would recommend him apparently but to be honest wasent intrested in buying babies as i previously made a thread on how to go ahead breeding parrots as i soely want to do it as a hobby and out of love for animals.
  11. Are peached faced conures loud birds? Just going to take time and consider my options and learn all i can before i make any decisions.
  12. Thanks for all the info, heard conures are very loud? as a breeder previously told me that they are.. If i do go down the rout of breeding birds it would not bother me if they breed or not aslong as they are happy and healthy that would be satisfactory to me.
  13. Thanks stormbird, if i did decide to for the smaller breeds, which would you suggest?
  14. Your welcome madmudmob i got to start somewhere.
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