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  1. Budgie babies found good homes. My female tiel doesn´t like my new cockatiel, sometimes she bites new tiel. New tiel has two names now Don Juan and Napoleon usually I call him Napoleon. He likes toys and playing so much.
  2. I´m sorry I haven´t post new pictures, I was a little busy with my parrots. But here is one good picture of chicks. Do somebody know what mutation are they. I bought new cockatiel last monday. His lutino and his name is Don Juan. And my female cockatiel is not lutino she is dark eyed clear. Female budgie started to bully new tiel and now that budgerigar is in other cage. Don Juan is from Germany but I bought him from Estonian pet shop where he was almost six months. When he came to us he was very sceared, but now he is OK. I saw a beautiful blue-fronted amazon there too. There was many birds like pearly conure, sun conures, eastern rosellas, budgies, finches, canaries, lovebirds.
  3. We have two parrot babies now. Today morning a new chick hatched. One is so small and the other is so big. I made a new picture too, you can see that from here. http://nagi.ee/photos/papagoi-inimene/4610875/in-set/74863/
  4. I like babies too, they are so cute when they are little. I had cockatiel baby last year, I found a very good home to hem and now he can say his name "Roi" and hello in Estonian "tere". I will make new pictsures soon when the budgie baby (babies) is(are) a little bigger. Last year I had a one young budgie too(I couldn´t find home to her so she lied with me that time), but then I talked with Estonian greatest bird breeder (she has over 160 parrot and smaller birds from 19 different breeds) she liked that budgie color very much she has tried to bred budgie like that but I got that colour with first time.
  5. I have three parrots: two budgies and one cockatiel. Some weeks ago i bought them a new cage where they live together now. Pictures of my parrots you can see here http://nagi.ee/photos/papagoi-inimene/sets/74863/ Yesterday a first budgie chick hatched (I don´t know is that word hatch or unfold?).
  6. Hy! I have a little problem, I´d like to order that parrot magazine. http://www.parrotmag.com/ I don´t want to order old issues. Can somebody help me and show the place where I can order new issues?
  7. At the moment I have 5 parrots, but in the June/July we going to have presumedly 7 parrots. We thought Sidrun (Lemon) is male, but last week parrot breeder said that Sidrun mayhap be female, and she is. Her quill feathers are striped. Apelsin (Orange) don´t get on well with Sidrun anymore, and now Sidrun and Apelsin don´t live together, that´s why we bring them two male cockateils.
  8. No I don´t speak Russian, but I can read and maybe can understand some words.
  9. I have a new budgie. http://sigridkurg.multiply.com/photos/photo/6/29
  10. My English is must to be good if I want to talk with parrot owners. :wink: At the moment I translate about White-bellied caique description to Estonian.
  11. Beautiful! Lovely! I wish to see these birds somewere, I hope I will. I wish to have many birds.
  12. Thanks for this colourful welcomes! Warm greetings for your parrots and you too. Yeah, there is not many forums (bird forums) in Estonia, one is but that is very elementary. Then I tap in to the Google "parrot forum" and then I found that forum. The best animal forum in Estonia is http://www.lontu.ee/foorum
  13. Thank you, these three sites will help me very much.
  14. ... where i can find more info about http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/%D0%9C%D0%B0%D0%B9%D0%BD%D0%B0 bird? I can read Russia but I can´t understand anithing of that language. :roll: I will be very thankful if you give me some link in English where i can read about maina. I love that bird!
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