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  1. Ah Corky looks gorgeous, I wonder if he would fancy my female Rosella Peppers, (pictured left)
  2. Thanks for the encouragement Stephie. As Rosella's love to fly it has all been quite upsetting for both me and my bird. Anyhow today I have tried a new method with complete success which might also be helpful to others who have birds that aren't quite tame, yet they still want to allow them some freedom. I took her food away from her cage about one hour before I let her out. She didnt seem at all bothered by that, but then when I did let her out I sat on the couch to watch TV and let her fly and explore to show her that it was fine for her to do that and I wasn't placing any demands. About an hour later she flew down from the curtain rail and sat on the TV (probably curious as to why I wasn't chasing her with a stick or towel!) Anyhow whilst she sat on the TV I gently got up and walked over to her cage; re-filled it with fresh food; walked gently over to her and placed the cage gently down a close distance to her then backed away. She then saw the re-filled food bowl and probably realised what I was asking her too. Within seconds she flew straight inside the cage on her own! Job done! No stress! I am really pleased about this. We can both now relax! I shall do this from now on until she is tame enough and used to my hand.
  3. So glad to hear your birdies are ok, and what a good warning for the rest of us.
  4. Thanks MadMudMob, I have indeed read lots of info, and I am very patient and gentle with her, singing and talking to her constantly, and of course I know that it is early days. I am sure eventually she will step onto my hand. She has excelled in just a week with regard to getting used to me, and eating from my fingers, but as you say, she is the kind of bird that loves to be out and exploring. I don't have a problem with that at all, it doesnt even bother me if she comes out and flies around the room for a couple of hours a day, its the going back in that is the problem. I never give her any treats when I let her out, hoping that she might go back in when she's hungry and spots a treat waiting in her cage.. but 12 hours later we realised that wasn't going to work lol.
  5. I think this is the right area for my question, so here goes... I've had my gorgeous rosella a week and inside the cage she's a real cutie pie... She seems quite comfortable to eat from my hand both inside and outside the cage, but she still backs away from my hand if I get just that bit too close. This poses my current problem, letting her out is an ordeal that neither of us enjoy. She simply refuses outright to get back into her cage, and when I get close and she backs away or flies off, and it all ends up with me having to catch her in a towel, because after so many hours of this I have had enough. I have tried enticing her with treats, dimming lights and all other suggestions to entice her to fly back in, but to absolutely no avail. I then thought to myself, well If I have her wings clipped it might make it easier, so I made an appointment with a vet two days ago and had that done. I then let her out that same evening and again, it was a ridiculous charade of her backing away and flying away (as much as she could) around the room yet again. She just wants to do whatever she wants outside her cage, dismissing me totally! I dont really understand this because she's pretty content inside the cage and when I finally get her back in she acts as if nothing happened. I dont want her to think that the chasing/towel thing is something I am enjoying or some sort of game I want her to do (if you know what I mean?) So, I have come to the conclusion that I shall have to keep her cage- bound until I am able to at least get her stepping onto my hand with ease and comfort. At least then I might stand a chance of getting her back in when I want her to go back in? My worry though is that she may not get enough exercise...? Any further advice would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hello guys... nice to meet you also! I've made progress today (i think).. After talking and singing to my parrot for a while it stepped onto my finger, but I had my finger resting on the perch through the bars of the cage.. She's very wary of me, so the fact she stepped up at all is a step closer imo, and not bad after 4 days of owning her perhaps? Ciao x
  7. Thanks for all your suggestions MudMadMob... as a last exhausting resort we have used the towel (gently).. I really hope we dont have to go through this routine for too long though. Perhaps we ought to try getting it used to the stick-stepping whilst she's inside the cage... thanks again!
  8. Good advice MadMudMob thanks, but agggh no, the Bird is sitting on a high bookshelf and laughing at us LOL
  9. What a warm welcome.. thanks! MadMudMob - Thanks for changing the title.. sharing experiences would be great! I'm going to roam around and have a look! Jemdino - Jason looks lovely in that picture, so sorry to hear he died I haven't a clue how old mine is. Yes, I was told Rosella's can be a bit vicious though and I also know they need a lot of flying around. Does anyone know how I can let the bird out to fly around with some hope of it going back into its cage? I worry that it will hurt itself if I chase it around to catch it, and also lose the trust we are trying to build with it? it does get very anxious when we put our hands in the cage. Many thanks
  10. Hello everyone, just checking in at the newbie desk here! I just bought a parrot (parakeet) for my husband which I found out is an Eastern Rosella, (there she is in on the left ). I don't know an awful lot about birds but of course, have looked up alot of information online. I wonder if anyone else has this type of bird and perhaps could share tips on taming, training etc.. Even though we have only had her for four days she is already eating from our fingers and seems to chirp quite happily early mornings and evenings. Also she indulges in alot of chirping and some sort of clucking sound when hearing a very tuneful mobile ringtone! Love to get to know more about parrots and their behaviour and look forward to making new friends too! Ciao !
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