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  1. Bamtams have such character, Ive got some Sebright cockerels of both colours that need homes
  2. thats what I was thinking, what size aviary do you keep them in, I remember seeing your aviaries when I bought a pair of P.f.f. Do you think they would be happy in a 5' x 3' x 6' high because Im increasing t two pairs so need to think about where they will fit in. Dom what poultry do you keep, I have Gold and silver Sebrights, Dutch bantams, lavender araucanas, nankins, speckled sussex bantams.
  3. Hi I am going to be keeping multiple pairs of caiques and I am interested to know what size avairies are best. Can they be kept side by side or do they prefer to be kept screened off from each other? Thanks Dom.
  4. thats kind of my thoughts too, just cant seem to get hold of either at the moment
  5. Hi my hen Caique plucks her self during the breeding season but the feathers dont grow back fully so that year on year she is getting a balder belly. Any tips or ideas? Dom
  6. having recently lost my BHC cock Im left with the dilema - do I try and find a new cock to pair with my hen or do I search for a new pair. Ive found a 10 year old semi tame cage bird but feel he wont settle in to aviary life. Any help would be much appreciated. Dom
  7. Hi, can someone help me, I think Ive done it right but does my link to photobucket work correctly as when I view it I go to my account where I can then upload, but Im hoping other users dont get this. Dom
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