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  1. hi im just starting breeding myself with my new proven greys just waiting for them to start breeding i will be spoon feeding mine because syringeing has to be done right or you will damage there crop bag with tube on a syringe but need to buy a tlc4 brooder first
  2. http://www.pets-classifieds.co.uk/c60d41937.php http://www.pets-classifieds.co.uk/c63d43659.php
  3. im just starting up breeding the first pair i bort i was conned was supost to be a breeding pair and was 2 males when i dna sexed them so every new breeder asks questions which i am to learn things and most chicks have rings on when being sold which i gather is the dates of hatching or sex can u use feather dna
  4. got my new pair of surgicaly sexed greys today and now see that the female is noticeably smaller than the male and has a narower neck .can i make a new breeding pair from theses if i let the pairents raise there chicks then in 4-5 years when mature adults then put male and female together then it would be brother and sister together or is it no good like this. and how do u know which is male and wich is female when they are chicks to ring them or if i wanted to leave a female chick in for them to raise as parent raised and hand rare the rest
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