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  1. Thanks everyone still awaiting an email from DEFRA
  2. I am trying with Defra but before I get to the info I need my pc crashes may have to resort to the telephone !
  3. I have a CAG we have just bought a house in France and are hoping to spend the month of August there and would like to take Chicco with us although my daughter is willing to look after him and she does this regularly and he knows her well. I just wondered if any of your members have taken their parrot abroad on hoilday and have any tips or information thank you for any help regards Gill
  4. it will probably be at least 4 weeks and then the bird will be legally mine too so might take the risk it seems quite healthy perky and eating and drinking, with chickens I usually only quarantine for 2 weeks
  5. Police have no reports of a missing bird, we are currently doing some work in the aviary if it has not been claimed when the work is finished I will put it in with my other birds
  6. I will go to police station tomorrow to report it as ours is not manned all the time, it is quite safe in a large cage in my greenhouse which is next door to my aviary so it can see and hear the other birds
  7. we are more than 30 miles away from Workington and the ring colour does not match how far would you expect a lost bird to travel ?
  8. I have just seen an advert on preloved for a 1 eyed Goffin called Charlie,too much of a coincedence I think, poor bird seems to be moving again
  9. It appears the Goffin has been sold as they are now selling a cage despite saying the cage was not for sale !
  10. the ad I saw for the Goffin with one eye was in our local co-op i will look if it is still there
  11. No child was mentioned to me and just something about his partner working ! that why it sounded a bit suss ! they told me it was about 8 years old ! the price was low thats why I asked why they were selling as no mention of 1 eye in the advert I saw !
  12. I didn't ask what sort he was didn't want to get too attached, he had a lemon yellow crest and yellow on his face ! the trouble is I live in the sticks in Cumbria not much of anything here !! hence I looked in on my way past after visiting family in Yorkshire. There is a Cockatoo for sale near me only a couple of mile away they won't say why they are selling but it only has 1 eye and as this freaks my daughter out it is a non starter and they don't know or won't say how he lost his eye ! and as my daughter is too take over I cannot even consider this bird, I may telephone the pet shop tomorrow but if I do I will be on the slippery slope !
  13. I have been wanting a bird for at least 15 years and my daughter has evern offered to buy me one thinking money the problem she will also be the one to take over should anything happen to me, I am lucky enough to not have to work anymore now the children have left home and as we have an aviary, 3 dogs fishpond and chickens are pretty much tied to the house anyway :wink: I do love Cockatoos though the same pet shop has baby african greys for £750 cute as they were it was H that responded to me and tugged at my heart strings ! Hmmm decisions decisions ! thanks for all the links I have looked at them all
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