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  1. Hi Guys, Many thanks for your replies and advice. Death doesn’t usually affect me, but I must admit, I am really feeling Rubin’s. It was the worst thing I’ve ever had to do, yet an easy decision to make given the desperation and sadness in his eyes, almost begging me to let him go. Anyway, don’t want to ramble on. Thanks again for the advice, I’ll try it all. Paul. p.s. He is a photo of them both, it's from a couple of years ago as Rubin (greyhound) hated cameras.
  2. Hi All, I know many of you have dogs, can anyone offer me any advice. I had to have one of my dogs (Rubin) put to sleep on Tuesday. My other dog has been with Rubin 24/7 for 9 years, since he were 5 weeks old and is missing him badly. Understandably, he doesn’t want to be on his own for longer than a couple of minutes. I’ve given him one of my pillows to cuddle up to, which he is doing, but he’ll still be alone when I go to work. Rubin has been with me for 12 years, I could never replace him and nor do I want to try by getting another dog, what can I do to help Buster? Has any of you been in the same situation?
  3. Hi Gemmz, Thanks for the advice, I wasn't sure if the eye colouring went for all parrots. I got all the info about it from my sister after I’d posted and it sounds like a scam, so they’re leaving it. Hopefully they’ll look into things more now before getting one. Thanks again
  4. Hi guys, My brother-in-law is going to see a Senegal tonight with the hopes of buying it. The bird is described as young, are there any distinct differences between a young and older Senegal that he should look out for? I’ve tried to talk them into waiting for a while to do research etc, but not had any luck. Now I’ve turned my attention to finding info on Senegal’s to make sure it’s looked after properly. Thanks for any help you can offer, Paul
  5. Hi David, I think everyone is just keen to see the shop up and running and doing well, I know I am. I still have plenty of food left so in no rush. Best of luck
  6. Cheers guys. I have plenty of seeds that are on the list, so I guess I'll have to wait and see if they'll touch them.
  7. Do any of you give your birds flowers to eat? I’ve set most of the back garden up this year to grow veg for them and I’m thinking of planting the rest with edible flowers. Just wondering if any of your birds eat or like to destroy them? :roll:
  8. One of mine wouldn’t touch fruit or veg until I bought a large crock-pot and placed it in front of his favourite perch. He’ll try anything now, but he’ll only eat fruit/ veg and anything new from that pot. Other than that I have no idea, sorry.
  9. Hi Lyn, Pippin, my CAG, was exactly the same and still does it now and again. I got extremely worried about his tail and him hurting himself. Everything is fine now though and his tail feathers grew back surprisingly quickly and even brighter/healthier looking than before. One thing I’d watch out for though, is going to check if she’s OK when she falls. I noticed that Pippin started doing it on purpose, just so I’d go over; as he’d say “Come ‘ere you dozy bu**er”, then ‘fall’ to the bottom. He’s 19 months now, still a little clumsy but no-where near as much as when he was 1.
  10. Sorry I misplaced my manners for a second there! Hi Mum_2_ellis, nice to meet you. I’m new to parrots too but these guys are great and really know their stuff. I visit the forums regularly but don’t really post unless I need advice or I can help someone, the latter hasn’t happened yet but maybe one-day lol. Hope to speak to you again soon, Paul
  11. Hi guys, Thanks for your replies, and sorry it’s taken me so long to get back and check. I’ve been doing the things you’ve suggested, so it’s reassuring to know I’m doing the right thing. It just seems like a huge step backwards as he was very nervous when I first got him last May. Anyway, he followed me into the kitchen last night, shouting “Oi, where you goin’” for the first time since the quack, so things are looking up. Glad Mabel has settled down Debs, but sorry to hear about yours Stephie; must be a huge shock for him to lose his flight. I really hope they grow back quickly without causing him too much stress. Thanks again for the advice Roz, and everyone else for your reassurance!
  12. Hi All, Both my CAGs where really freaked out by the earthquake, but one of them has become very nervous since, especially around me. I uncovered them to settle them down straight after the quake so I think this might be why. I don’t know what to do, anybody have any suggestions? He used to be very cocky and he’s still very vocal, just very nervous if you go near his cage. He’s 19 months old, has been very nippy for a while and throws tantrums, which I have been expecting given his age. His previous owners had him clipped a couple of days before selling him and his flight feathers are starting to grow back, but he freaked out yesterday and broke a blood (1 of his 2 flight) feather. Luckily it didn’t bleed, I’m just scared he’ll do it again, or start plucking. I’ve been giving them camomile tea but it hasn’t helped. Best regards, Paul
  13. Hi linds, I keep a dish of the Nutricrunch in the cages all day and refill at night if needed; I give the fruit & veg, fruit and nut mix, supervit etc in separate dishes and at different times.
  14. Hi David, Just received the parcel, thanks. I’ve returned the money you refunded via paypal plus a little extra to cover the fees, as you shouldn’t be out of pocket, especially when the substitutes you send are top notch. The new fruit and nut crunch looks excellent, possibly even better than the original! I’ve just given the birds some supervit and it’s the first time in two months Oscar hasn’t sighed when looking at his treat dish, he really loves that stuff lol Best regards, Paul
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