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  1. Hello........it is amazing how quickly you will feel right "at home " and welcome here (I know I did!) Just a thought or two on blue-crowned conures..........I have bred them in the past and always found them very easy birds to socialise,the babies we had-my eldest daughter still has one- were always handled by everone in the family and didnt seem to have any favourites,unless,of course,it was the person eating biscuits...........i found they were easy to train to wear a harness,too.Have you seen the kids video "Paulie"?Lovely to watch with the grand-kids,but i mention it because i read that the producers of that movie chose blue-crowns for three reasons,they all look alike (so it didnt matter if you used twenty different birds in the filming),they were the easiest mediom-to large bird to train and they could be handled by every cast member and the film crew alike.Not really a one-person bird then! Good luck with your search.
  2. I find "Livefood Direct "really good,they do an online order service for all sorts of bugs and creepy-crawlies ......(our postman wouldhave had nightmares :twisted: if only he knew just what was in those boxes!) We buy them for the lizards,but our conures will sometimes get a spoonful of mealworms on top of their seed-they love them! I keep a packet of frozen prawns in the freezer as a good emergency substitute-defrosted,of course !Both of our amazons love them,makes me wonder if they eat a certain amount of beetles etc in the wild?
  3. I find my Hahns,Jethro,is a really sociable eater, so i make a big show of eating anything new myself first,(you would be amazed at my mimeing skills !!) then offer him just a little,like i am giving him a really special treat...........pity the kids dont fall for that one !
  4. seeing your little redrump reminded me of how one of our conures was when she first came to us-she had no upper mandible because her previous owner had been "a bit short of space"so he put her and her partner in a large cage with a pair of lovebirds. .....not a good idea !That was over four years ago and my little conure is still going strong,she lives in a flight in the garden with her mate and three other green-cheeked conures,all pensioners by now but always bustling about their flight and having a good natter with the sparrows! At first,i included a lot of hulled seeds in her diet -sunflower and pumpkin from the health food shop-and grated fruit and veg for her,but her beak DID grow back,slowly.and ,after a few months i realised she was eating almost normally again.....I still have to trim her lower beak for her about three times a year,because it grows "past" her upper one ,but nowadays you just woudnt know she had been so badly injured ! I just know you are going to be amazed at how much Pip is going to improve !!!!!!!
  5. THANK-YOU for all the messages........Charlie is settling in really well. We let him out for the first time today and he immediately flew onto my sons girlfriends shoulder,sat there for a bit and then flew over to Babes cage-she was out ,too-and the two of them have been sat within a foot of each orther ,preening and chortling away for the last half-hour or so.. ....the best bit is that Jethro,my little Hahns has really taken to Charlie,I was afraid he would be jealous,but i put his cage next to Charlies as soon as Charlie arrived and they have taken to sleeping next to each other (in their respective cages,of course)I cover them both up with one big blanket at night !I am still bowled over by our new "baby" -spoke to his previous owner yesterday,just to let her know how he was settling in and she told me he was originally her sons bird,but he had joined the army and was away most of the time-and she was terrified of birds,bless her! I am so glad he came here.........
  6. I have had such a brilliant day today, I feel like a kid at christmas and ive just got to share this with you all...........we have just found a perfect friend for Babe,my orange-wing,after literally months of trying,sold to us by a georgeous couple from Sunderland-which is about as far from west Wales as you can get without getting yout feet wet .......I really didnt think it was going to be possible for for Charlie,the new bird,to come to us when i realised just how far it was (couldnt do the drive myself ) I was stunned when his owners offered to bring him to me,no problem,they really cared about him and wanted to see where he was going-even if it meant a 12-hour round trip and taking a day off work to do it !! WOW!! Thats the sort of kindness you never forget :lol: .....
  7. Cant add to everyone elses comments-hope you have seen a vet now...... just wanted to ask you to let us know how he is ?
  8. Its all about trust,isnt it ? If your friend knows you well enough to trust your ability to rear your little ones,that is fair enough,at least she is sure you intend to keep them and knows the family they will grow up in..........and you have the bonus of bonding with your birds from the start,no trauma at weaning ! every situation is different,but dont let anyones opinion get in the way of you enjoying your babies !
  9. She knows you love her and we are all praying for both of you.
  10. Where are you ? My mum has a green-cheek conure i hand-reared for her last year,she is an absolute darling and extra precious because her mum and dad are ancient,never expected them to breed!! I m in wales, if you are fairly near i can show you how to feed the chick/chicks......might be an idea to wait till they hatch ,mind !!
  11. hi....I have hand-reared parrots,parrot-like (and some very un-parrot-like !)for the last twenty years or so.........please dont panic if you suddenly find yourself with an orphan or abandonded chick(or chicks!) :cry: Get in touch,if I can help,I will
  12. big old council-house ,semi-detached,with a huge garden..........three parrots live indoors with us and the kids.......and the two dogs,the house-rabbits ,yhe fish and the snails(dont ask!).Another thirty or so birds live in flights outside,a right mixture ranging from busy little zebra finches,through conures and cockatiels to senegals,caques and timnehs-some of this lot i have had for over fifteen years,they have moved house with me three times !!Our neighbours here are the best-they bring round fruit for the birds and show them off when they have visitors ! I am really lucky
  13. Hello,i joined a few weeks ago,but i have just realised that i havent introduced myself-very rude of me,i do apologise ! my only excuse is that i every time i come to this forum,i get interested in one topic or another and ,before i know it,hours have gone by.........it really is a friendly site-i feel like i know some of you quite well already!! I came to this forum as part of my mad search for a mate for my hahns macaw.........and now i find i am lookinf forward to "looking in" most nights! THANK-YOU everybody for that ! Millipup
  14. sneezing,definately-my hahns copies my childrens every cough and snuffle and its only when he has done it four or five times,each more theatrically (is that a word?) than the last,that i will realise the little !!?*** is copying,not about to succumb to some awful bird malady-I swear he does it on purpose,just for a laugh! :twisted: millipup
  15. Hi, just to add to the orange-wing thing.........mine is really good at teaching her people tricks! She knows that raising and lowering her wings,rubbing her head against her shoulder and doing an impression of an opera singer(all at the same time) will usually get one of them to give her a shower,which she loves.............picking at her cage door and making odd little chirping noises usually gets them to let her out.......and dive-bombing them when they are mad enough to try and eat in the living-room always gets something out of the fruit-bowl! (She loves to eat when we do). milipup
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