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  1. Thanks, I didn't realise there was a thread. Tired from last nights events. I hope all the birds are ok. Must be terrifying for them
  2. Casper our CAG according to the vet pulled out her main flight feathers because she may have hurt her wing in her cage. Do they do this?? Casper has never feather plucked before. Now she can't fly anymore and has been stressed all day. How long will it take for them to grow back?
  3. Hi All. I was wondering if anybody else has had their parrot affected by last night's earthquake?? I was dozing upstairs and heard a crash from below. Jumped out of bed to find Casper alert and nervous in her cage. Took her out and she was shaking. Calmed her for 5 mins as her feet were wet from landing in her water pot, then tried to put her back in her cage but she wouldn't go. I then discovered 6 of her long right side flight feathers in the bottom of her cage perfectly intact! She tried to fly but kept crashing at about 1m. Slept for few hours next to her on the sofa with the light on. In the morning took her to the avian vet. Blood tests were carried out incase there was an underlying cause. No broken wing was apparent. Everything barr slight low level calcium was apparent. Casper had been perfectly healthy with no problems. After watching the news, I realised she fell at the same time as we had a tremor in Hemel Hempstead, Herts. The vet however thought that she may have been in pain and so plucked her flight feathers out herself where she had been hurt?! At the moment she is resting and preening alot. She has not been very vocal today. Eating and drinking normally though. I think she becomes stressed when she tries to follow me into the other rooms and can't fly after me. What do other parrot owners think?? Could it have been the earthquake that affected her? How long do her flight feathers take to grow back? Does it sound likely that she would have plucked her flight feathers out herself?? They were perfect sheaths with ends and no blood on them. Please advise as I'm very concerned for her, and have never had this happen before. I hope she is ok
  4. We are delighted to put a reply on this topic. We lost Casper our African Grey on March 15th 2007 and for 3 days we were totally shocked and lost. Luckily she was spotted 2 miles away and reported to the RSPCA and we collected her 3 days later on the Saturday afternoon. She was a shattered and very hungrey, but I think very glad to be home!!! We are so pleased she is back with us. We never realised what a huge part of our lives she is and she is only 3 years old!!! She is sat on my shoulder while I type. A wonderful success story, but many thanks must go to the people in this forum for their help, support and guidance. Thank you all..... G&N
  5. Nish called the lady this morning but the bird had flown. She also said that the RSPA had no reports of a missing Grey in that area. Feel a little gutted we couldn't help. G&N
  6. Telephone number removed as suggested. I did call her back to ask if there had been any developments, but I got a voicemail message. I hope soemone comes forward. We are re-living the time Casper was away and it is horrendoues to have a parrot go missing. The lady on the phone did say the bird was eating leaves off her tree so must be starving. I'll update you if I hear anything more.... G&N
  7. Hello all, I have just received a call from a lady who has got an African Grey in a tree in her garden in Baldock, Herts. If you have lost a Grey in the area please reply here and I will pass on her details. I have advised her to provide some food and also to contact the RSPCA. Graham & Nish
  8. Hi all, Yes it was Lawton & Stokes. We saw Mr Lawton the specialist and he told me off for leaving the window open, but said Casper was fine. Well worth £20!!!! he he Graham
  9. Hello all. We have just got back from the Avian specialist vet near Romford and he said that we have been very lucky and it would appear Casper has come through her ordeal very very well. A clean bill of health was given. Apart from a few minor scratches near her nose she is perfectly fine. Thak you all for your kind words and wishes. We are back to normal at last........ Graham & Nish
  10. Hello all. Well, we all had a great night's sleep and we couldn't wait to get Casper out of her cage this morning. She is obsolutely fine although still a little subdued. She is very close to us every second and has started talking and whistling like normal. Those simple sounds that you get used to were so missed when she wasn't here. I will never tell her to be quiet again!!! I am now determined to teach her more and get her vocabulary increased. Especially after watching the video of Einstein on youtube. Has anyone else seen it?? It's amazing. Click on this link to view. It has made me more determined to teach Casper as much as possible now. I'm sure she is as clever as Einstein!!! Graham & Nish 2 very happy parrot lovers!!!
  11. Casper is making a remarkable recovery and is doing her usual of following me around the house. The phone rang while she was sat on my shoulder and she answered "hello" as usual. Such a wonderful sound!!! A tear came to my eye. I have just been calling around notifying everyone that she is home and having to choke back the tears. It's amzing the effect a little grey parrot can have on you!!! Her appointment is booked at the avian specialist vet we are registered with for Monday afternoon. I'm sure she will get a clean bill of health. She is now asleep again on the bathroon door........ and both windows are firmly shut!!!!! Hopefully image attached... http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/skinny_bloke_99/detail?.dir=817cscd&.dnm=a270scd.jpg&.src=ph Graham
  12. CASPER is home!!!!!!!!!! We got a call from a gentleman who's daughter reported a parrot on her balcony. Her dad reported the sighting to the RSPCA who gave them our details. I shot round round there in the car and as soon as I saw Casper and called her name she flew to my hand. I was SOOOOOO over-joyed. She looked absolutley shattered with her eye lids half open. Her nose had a little blood and slight cut but the rest of her was fine. She is home now and tucking into dried banana chips, her favourite!!!! The couple that found her. Gemma and Steve live about a mile and a half away on the other side of town. Casper has had quite an adventure, flying over a busy town and busy roads. She must have been so tired and hungry after being away for 3 days she went to the first human she saw!! Nish and me are over the moon and send out a MASSIVE thank you for all your support, help and brilliant advice and it worked..... A brilliant ending to a horrible few days without our "baby". It's nice to post a happy ending on this forum and can't express enough the shear happines we now feel. No more open windows in this house!!!!!! Graham
  13. The one we used was LAWTONS exotic vets.... Fitzgerald avenue, romford essex. should be about half hour from you. We registered casper there and takes us 50 mins
  14. Thank you all again for your kind wishes. We have both been trawling the streets and every tree we can see for Casper since 05:30 this morning. We have just got back in now as it's getting dark again. We have widened our search area but also covered localy as well. We have given posters and flyers to local schools, dog walkers in fact anyone we meet. We have stuck one to nearly every lamp-post and telegraph pole we walk past. We have had no luck what-so-ever and are now hoping that someone has her safe and she will be back with us very soon. Seeing her empty cage and feathers when we come home is heartbreaking. Please please please help us find her.......
  15. Thank you all for your help and advice. We have been walking the streets and posted flyers and posters all over but still no sign. We will be back out again before dawn trying to get Casper back. We will update you if we have any news.....
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