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  1. i had the vets look at him yesterday and they gave him sum baytril but sadly this morning he passed away
  2. thank you storm bird i will give them a ring first thing in the morning
  3. i did they told me to give him cold liver oil in his food but its not helping him
  4. hi i bought a pair of Francklin's but the male seems a little weak he sneezes alot and gets a water bubble on top of his beak any thing i can do or give him to make him better
  5. hi if your dvd player had a speaker boster system with it u will only be able to get sound out of that no other way i had the same problem with mine
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Articles_for_creation/2007-10-27 The Kala Teetar or Black Francolin is is known as the bringer of good luck. The Black Francolin is a small Partridge sized bird with the males looking defferent to the females. the males are black with white paches under the eyes and have golden feathers along the back, they have a red ringed collar and have black and white tail feathers. the females are mostly brownish colour with a chesnut patch behind the neck. in the muslim community the Male nlack francolin has seven charms, which are: 1. Good luck 2. Anti Black Magic 3. Anti bad Spirits 4. They recite "Allahu Akhbar" (God Is Great) 5. Wealth Charm 6. Forgiveness 7. Fighting The Black Francolin is known to repent away black magic and purify unholy places whith its seven charms. the Black francolin is kept as household pets in kashmir and sometimes trained to fight, this species can be very aggressive and is known to kill large animals such as dogs and felines. The most common reason it is kept by muslim keepers is that it recites "Subhan Teri Qudrat" which means "Almighty you are Great
  7. hi every1 Ive just bought 2 pairs of black Francklin's could any1 give me sum advice on how to care for them and what's the best food to feed them they re feeding on chick crumb and wheat at the moment plz any help will be appreciated
  8. hi does any one know where i can get francolin bird or eggs from plz
  9. hi if any 1 want to trace a private number call please get in touch i will help you get that number
  10. no i havnt informed John Hawyard as yet i am gna email him nw he knows about 1 of them not the other1 m orange wing is doin watery dropings taken him to the vets they said it might be due to stress
  11. hi just to let every1 know just as i had given up all hope of getting my amazon back it turned up on the door step early this morning in a walkers crisp box thank u every1 that offerd there support and help
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