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  1. Hi Gemmz , Thank you. Hugs to you all. Nicola and Rot xxx
  2. Hi Gemmz , Thanks for asking. He is still eating small amounts. I am no longer syringe feeding him. I am still noticing that very occasionally, for example first thing in the morning when I go down to see him he will regurgitate a small amount of food and spit it out. He also has a really weird eating pattern. He doesn't eat very much at all during the day and then at about 6.30pm he will eat for about an hour until his crop is quite full. Thanks for your help and support. Nicola and Rot xxx
  3. Awww..... I love rabbits they are so adorable and usually get a really raw deal in life. They are too readily available and people buy them for their kids and don't realise they have to be cleaned out and tended to every day. People don't realise what characters they can be when they're shut in a hutch all day long. I also take in injured wildlife from the vets when they need some help. The bunny thing all strated when I found a wild bunny laying injured in the road on a Easter Sunday. I telephoned the emergency vet and the receptionist said he must have Myxi and to bring him in to be pts. I wasn't happy with her prognosis so took him to a lovely vet who is very compassionate with wildlife. He didn't have Myxi and was vaccinated against it. Where he was knocked he has a slightly misaligned jaw so needs his back teeth burring every few months. I then found out about another orphaned wild bunny and travelled up to Bristol to collect her. She is now spayed and lives with Harvey. The rabbits I take in are eaither RSPCA cases, unwanted pets, ex-breeder buns that are due for the chop, abandoned rabbits and those under threat of being pts. Here's a couple of piccies of Harvey the wild bunny that started the whole thing off. He was only about 8wks old when I found him and is a real character. He has a large walk-in enclosure outside but also comes indoors occasionally. He's litter trained....As you can see he likes his home comforts. Angel_Sugarhigh...it's so good that you are helping these dear creatures as well. I looked on your photobucket and you have the most gorgeous staffies. What are staffies like? I lost my beloved border collie a couple of months ago and I'm lost without her. At some stage I would like another dog. I do love the colouring of your doggies..they're beautiful. Thank you all for your support. Nicola and Rot xxx
  4. ...I do have a german lop bunny called Herman tho , see below: I run a rabbit rescue and take in bunnies in need. Herman came from a breeder and was unwanted stock I know Rot is a weird name. We did try other names like Oz, Ozzie but they wouldn't stick. When he started repeating the name Rot it just stuck. He seems o.k. But I have noticed he has a really weird eating habit. He will hardly eat anything during the day but then eats quite a bit from about 6pm onwards until his crop is quite full. Also this morning and yesterday morning he regurgitated a little bit of food. Still keeping a close eye on the little ratbag. Nicola and Rot xxx
  5. Hi, WOW...Thanks cgm for such a fantastis post with so many different ideas for parrot toys etc..That is great...Thank you v much!!! Rot is still eating small amounts. He has been playing with his dangly toy with rope and pieces of wood on it... It is his fave at the moment. Thanks Gemmz for asking Nicola and Rot xxx
  6. Hi Angel_Sugarhigh , Thank you for the link. I will have a read....sounds very interesting. I know that candida which Rot has had does cause irritation especially around the crop area which he has always nibbled..now it has progressed to the whole of his tum...he looks a real state. Thanks for the info. L O L, Nicola and Rot xxx
  7. As you know Rot has been through the mill lately. I will be looking into getting him a companion soon but I am not sure what type of bird I should get. After all the stress I've been through with trying to get Rot better and learning more and more about potentially fatal parrot illnesses I am scared of introducing another bird to Rot for fear of the health status of the new bird. I know that it is normal procedure to quarantine a bird for a couple of weeks before introducing it to your own bird but what about illnesses that can lie dormant for many years? Firstly what type of bird should I get as a companion for Rot? I don't have much money at all at the momet as I have spent £1,000 in the last two months on vet fees for Rot and my dog. I have insurance now thank goodness. I would like to get a bird that it is more likely to be compatible with Rot. Secondly how can I ensure that I don't put Rots health under threat by introducing a new bird? Any advice most appreciated. Best wishes, Nicola and Rot xxx
  8. Hi Abez, Rachel and Gemmz, Thank you for all your help. I know Rot is a bit of a weird name. The veterinary receptionist always has to ask me to repeat his name about 3 times before accepting that he is actually called Rot. He originally came from somebody who no longer wanted him and all he would shout is swear words and used to attack me whenever I went nr him. I started off calling him Rot as in par- ROT, then it progressed to Rotman-don't ask why..I don't know ...I'm just strange. Then Rot would repeat his own name all the time and say "Hello Rot" "Alright Rot" so it just stuck. He doesn't swear anymore and no longer attacks me. He is eating small amounts but I noticed yesterday that he regurgitated some seeds back up. Am still worrying and won't be settled until he is 100% again. Rot has always nibbled the area around his crop but at the onset of him being ill it steadily progressed to his entire chest and he is virtually bare on his chest now. He has got into the habit of continually nibbling his feathers, even when a new one emerges he starts nibbling it and pulling all his downy feathers out. Somebody was saying about getting him a preening toy. What does a preening toy look like? He has quite a few toys...A large dangley toy with lots of woolley rope and different shaped pieces of wood attached along the lengths of the rope. A rubbery tassley toy, another wooden toy with different shapes and size wooden blocks, two large swings and a raw hide toy. What is classed as a preening toy? Could you give me some examples please? I will definately look into getting him some clay...sounds v good. I know jebirds coated one of her plucked birds with a clay to calm his/her skin.
  9. Thanks Gemmz...you're an angel. Thanks MadMub for the link Nicola and Rot xxx
  10. Hi Abez Thank you for your help. Nicola and Rot xxx
  11. Hi Gemmz, Thank you. I would need to make one for a macaw so it would have to be made bigger. Thank you for the link Obviuosly I wouldn't use one until he is better in himself but I am worried that the longer it goes on the more difficult it will be to break the habit. If anybody else has any tips please let me know. Nicola and Rot xxx
  12. Awww...the dear parrot in the jumper...what a little sweetie. I really can't see Rot putting up with having that on him but I suppose it is worth a try. I have heard about collars...what do they look like?....and are they able to eat with them on etc? L O L, Nicola and Rot xxx
  13. Thank you Abez When I spray Rot he nibbles even more. He has got into the habit of nibbling now and I really need to stop it before he progresses to another area as his tummy is virtually bald. He has lots of toys which he plays with and destroys but he's obsessed with his tummy and constantly nibbles it. I really need to break the habit as it has become an obsession with him. As soon as a new feather sprouts he's nibbling that aswell so they are not getting a chance to grow. Any tips much appreciated. Nicola and Rot xxx
  14. ....really :shock: ? I jokingly said to my o/h the other day that he needed a little tank top to cover his chest up. Surely wouldn't a jumper just drive them mad and wouldn't they just want to rip it to shreds? Does anyboy have any more info on the jumper glove idea and how do I go about getting/making one? Also any other ideas much appreciated. Nicola and Rot xxx
  15. Hello, As some of you may know my blue and gold macaw Rot has been poorly over the last few weeks. He has started to eat small amounts of food and I would now like to address the problem of his feather nibbling. He has nibbled his entire chest now and is virtually bald on his chest apart from a few nibbled feathers and white bits of fluff. I really need to stop him nibbling his feathers as he has got into the habit of nibbling them now and I fear that he will damage the follicles and they won't grow back. What can I do top halt the nibbling to give his feathers a chance to grow back? He really looks an awful state at the moment. Any help much appreciated, Nicola and Rot xxx
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