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  1. to me why do birds hide their eggs in the nesting materials, is it so you cant see them??
  2. laid another egg today now have 5 :roll:
  3. They same to sit on them nearly all day, you might see one out at a time. Its rare to see the two of them out together. Surely there wont be anymore. I time have had eggs and getting nervous :roll:
  4. have laid another egg, phone the guy and assure me boy and girl and they were ready for breeding when we got them, if i did miss looking in when last eggs where laid i looked yesterday there was 3 now there 4
  5. I AM NEW TO BREEDING, sorry for shouting, stamping feet but it feels as though all ou are doing is questioning me, telling me I must be wrong. We will wait and see if any hatch, if they do they everyone will be proved wrong. If they dont I will get tjem sexed
  6. I will get them sexed, but I also trust the guy we got them from 1pp percent. He is genuine and has contacted since getting them all to see how they were getting on and if they had laid. Albert it a genuine guy and loves all his birds, he goes evrywhere in the world to find them. He doesnt sell for profit he sells to cover his cost of food etc
  7. I read the post that madmud told me to read before with regards to the rings, if the rings are one certain legs in means male or female. the both have a ring on one has one on the left, one has a ring on the right leg..........so now you are all telling me the advice in the forum regaurding ringing is wrong
  8. decided will wait until we see if eggs hatch, and I will contact Albert and he will tell me what to do. Thanks everybody
  9. I meant one of the birds has a pinky red coloured ring and the other bird has a bluey coloured ring. One has a ring on the left leg and the other birds ring is on the right leg
  10. They both are ringed, one bird is ringed on the right leg on is ring on the left leg. one is a pinky red and the other a blue shade
  11. they laid the first 1 single egg few weeks ago and have laid another2 eggs yesterday
  12. Thanks all, we had one in the first clutch they take turns sitting on it seldom you see the two out at the same time. This is the secong clutch and again in the box all the time
  13. P.s we dont intend selling them, we want keep them and also give a couple to friend and family members , thats the reason we would like to tame them
  14. 2nd clutch of eggs, they 3 eggs. The first one is due to have in next week or 2.any advice would be great as we would like to hand tame them
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