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  1. hi there are 4 of us in the family my hubby colin who works away mon to thurs i am at home the children james and samantha are 12 and 10 and at school all day.we have two dogs two siamese cats tropical fish squirrels that i feed off the window sill and a garden full of different varieties of wild birds.we love animaqls the cats are indoor cats and wouldent know what a bird looked like they have the most placid friendly temperments they all get on together and are friendly towards other animals as well as people we have a great family that can offer lots of tender loving care and loads of attention to a bird.also there has always been birds in the family ive grown up with a blue fronted amazon called sinbad a mynha bird called fred who lived 18yrs plus an african grey my auntie also owns one and my friend has a grey unfortunatley he does not like her husband some people say that they can prefer one person we also would like a pretty parrot with colour .
  2. hi thanks for the email there are four in the family my husband and me i am home all day the children are nearly 10 and 12 two dogs and two siamese cats who all live together happily and all get on they all have great temperments the cats are in door cats so wouldent even know what a bird is also we live in the country in a small village there are only 4 cottages two on our side and two up the village.i can asure you we will look after any bird we have i have had an african grey a blue fronted amazon and a myhna bird as i grew up and always had dogs and cats and also we have tropical fish squirrels inthe garden i feed off the window sill all the wild birds we just love animals
  3. hi gloria i have just signed up as new member as my family and i are looking to have a parrot of some kind that talks i am familiar with blue fronted amazons and african greys even had a mynah bird which are fantastic talkers what are macaws like do they say a lot and what colours do you have and what prices are your birds.also do they make good pets for a family some people say they only tend to go to one person whereas other types go to anyone and evereyone we want a bird that will go to all :?
  4. hi im monique i am looking to purchase a parrot.when i was a child our family had a blue fronted parrot and he did talk i would like some advise in what parrots are the best talkers and easy to tame also the blue fronted are pretty it will be a family pet for us all to love and enjoy.so p0lease let me know your thoughts and experiences of any parrots you have owned or have now all suggestions will be welcome.we would like help and guidence and where to purchase them if you get from a breeder all those sorts of questions.also what sort of prices would mbe helpful look forward to all your comments. :?
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