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  1. going back to this yday still hardly any difference but now today its got bigger like another clump gone.Still no difference in him hes still as confident as ever strutting on top of his cage etc,also the skin that its left uncovered looks fine not red or sore etc , i was putting it down to moulting like people have said here but surely it wouldnt be confined to this one spot ??
  2. hes alomost all dry now , cud you take a look at another post of mine , slight bold patch in the contact/help/info
  3. still learning everything so thank you , can i ask whats worst case scenario had he gone to sleep wet ? i will not be letting that happen though so please dont think im asking cos i intend to leave him
  4. enjoyed being with me yeah , the bath bit hmmm not so sure lol he just kinda floated n wouldnt move ! Hes strutting on top of his cage now. MMM he didnt like hairdryer lol so being serious what do i do if hes not completely dry by roost time ?
  5. thanks lol he does look abit of a state at the moment lol just hope he looks ok again when all dried out
  6. after reading a few posts on here ive been trying to do absolutely everything with Pepi and read one post from a woman saying hers even enjoys the shower with her etc so an hour ago i took Pepi with me into the bath but he sat on sink rim,happy for long enough till he decided he was going to jump straight in with me !!! He is now soaked through i have the heating on so he stays warm but he is still very young and cant seem to grasp he needs to shake himself off ? Will he be ok ?
  7. have i done it right lol ?? if yes i have ruffled the feathers up abit so you can see,when i stroke them back down you can hardly even see the patch
  8. she flew out this morning , my lovely company wouldnt give me the time off so i go friday!
  9. ok , how do i get a picture up onto here lol
  10. Last night when i went to bed nothing then today after work noticed Pepi has a sllight patch , its just behind the top of his head so nothing he could of done himself,the first idea was mites but surely it wouldnt be that quick and wouldnt thy bother him ? Hes as happy as normal not biting himself etc so i think and hope its just hes caught himself on the cage somewhere ( hes 7 months n still very clumsy) ........ thoughts ?
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