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  1. Robert is generally a lot quieter and doesn't have a lot to do with the birds really. I find it strange that Vicky comes across to you like that but then it's be a dull world if everyone thought the same as each other I guess.
  2. Which girl's this? We've always found the staff there to be really helpful and Vicky is particularly knowledgeable when it comes to birds.
  3. Have been away on holiday so only just seen this. I'm so shocked that they are selling wee Tilly :-( last I heard they were getting on great with her. Max and Marvin have been on their holidays down at the garden centre for 2 1/2 weeks and they got on great, Tilly was supposed to be in at the same time and although I didn't see her was in the cage next to Marvin. It's so sad to hear that someone's having problems/having to give up their baby. Marvin is getting on great, I was suprised that he didn't sulk about being left for the holidays at all. Yes he has been a little nippy recently and still isn't getting on great with my OH (nothing serious just boys butting heads lol) but there's no way I'd ever give him up. I've been on the sofa ill all day today and he's been cuddled right into me as if he knows I'm not well. It's just so sad about Tilly :-(
  4. As i just said in my PM i think he may have been taken in as a fledgling and hand reared. We've had a few jackdaws in that are that tame but never a crow before.
  5. Just a quick update for you. I work at the centre where this bird was brought in. I was shocked at how tame it is, quite happily steps up and lets you handle it with no problems. As far as I'm aware the tape was to be removed this afternoon. He will be getting transfered to our wildlife centre in Fife as soon as possible.
  6. Glad to hear things with Ruby are going so well. Marvin's really settled in now here and is an absolute sook of a bird! There's no love lost between him and Max however but we're working on that slowly :-) Marvins too is a joy to own - full marks to his breeder (Vicky has sone senegal babies in from the same breeder and they are the exact same, silly tame) for rearing such well rounded birds.
  7. Yeah and my watch which he took a particular shining to earlier! Had to take it off and hide it from him lol
  8. He's having a mad half hour just now attacking most of his toys and trying to eat them all lol
  9. Glad to hear its not just me then! Think I may have to resort to just using the desktop! Going to go cook Marvins veggies in a bit for his tea :-)
  10. Although as with Max he has an obsession with sitting on my laptop and trying to eat the screen lol Have moved him I don't know how many times now :-)
  11. He's sat on my shoulder just now getting stroked and giving kisses! He keeps cuddling in when I stop too. Have never seen such a soft parrot :-)
  12. Yeah especially as they were homed in different ways and at different times.
  13. Definately! I felt so bad when I went to pick Marvin up cos Tilly hadn't been collected yet (she was being picked up later) and I didn't want to be the one to split them up - although apparently they had a shouting match this morning cos they kept standing on each other so think it was about time they got split up :-)
  14. Thats Max's latest trick! He goes inside my fiance's t-shirt and snuggles down - I lifted up his sleeve to take a photo of him :-)
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