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  1. hi sorry thats the worst bit of spelling ive ever done,lol. i received your message in my inbox.i responded to it from your test message.this is the bit i dont know is working as it says i havent sent anything.so i am resondig through are first link (messaging difficulties).cheers jeff
  2. hi,i received your message and responded through the message.i dont know whether its that bit whats not working so im sesponding through this link aswell cheers jeff
  3. hi ive just pm'd you.did it come through? cheers jeff
  4. hi,nope nothing showing in there either. cheers jeff
  5. hi i wonder if any one can help,ive been sending a few emails to ads on parrot link but my sent box is showing no messages sent. where im i going wrong or is there a fault? cheers jeff
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