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  1. Im also not convinced the clip is the problem here. Too's scream for any number of reasons, but mostly because they feel they are not getting the attention they deserve. Now that doesnt mean that you are neglecting her, far from it. What I mean by that is, she may be used to 24/7 constant cuddling and attention - Which is what many rescued too's get used to before being handed over. Which then means the next person has the fantastic job of breaking them of that habit - It's NOT easy. You are doing the right thing by ignoring her when screaming, but we could also do with more specific information. Do yourself a little diary over the course of a week, and what you are doing the moment she starts screaming - You may well either come against a trigger for the screaming, or even a pattern. Good luck
  2. How come no-one has suggested a vet? With all the best will in the world if poo's change and it lasts for more than a few days a vet visit should be done just to rule out anything nasty, especially given that the bird seems a little quiet. Freda, if he's not improved get the little one to the vets to be checked out, better safe than sorry.
  3. Most of my birds now have a play friend they live with, apart from the odd couple who either dont tolerate other birds or have not yet found the right partner. They have a healthy interaction with the other birds, and I would say YES, they most definately know they are birds.
  4. I would check with the vets before you use that F10 hun as Im 99% sure the F10 has to be the specific type for nebulisers. x
  5. The grey you can tell easily, if it has yellow face in an older bird then it;s male. The pied's are a bit more tricky, but you can tell by behavior. Males do heart wings (hold their wings slightly away from their body and when you look from the back it looks like a heart. The females tend to hang upside down doing what we call bat wings (holding wings outstretched). Dunno if that's any help at all. :?:
  6. Thanks for that I'll go have a drive round this weekend see if I can see anything xx
  7. Scooby my african grey who came from Cleo - Without a doubt LOL It's not so much that he's THAT loud, but he can be constant loud with his chattering, he does nothing quietly! He calls Scoob Scoob Scoob pretty much most of the time and he latest is COME ON, COME ON, COME ON THEN (with the emphasis on the N lol He has what I call favourite sentances of the month and they are called out at full volume. He has also picked up every bird noise that has ever been through the house, and again it's always at full volume, so even the parrotlet noises are LOUD when they come from him LOL At least my conure and too are not constant loud LOL
  8. If you can get any further details on where the bird is please let me know as Im not far from Dudley Zoo, dont mind going to have a wander see if I can spot it and help it get back to its owner. x
  9. I have a very large grey who weighs 600g! He is BIG!
  10. Oh bless hum. If you can give him a few sips of apple juice, if he has a crop infection going on it will help, but will still need treatment. I had a grey who had a crop infection and he was in the vets for 3 days, so its not a good thing
  11. I could go on all day Greg, but the topic isnt about chicken it's about an ekkie who has sexual behavior and maybe dietry isue, so will hand back over to the poster before I take it any further off track
  12. Most parrot sites recommend a chicken leg in their diet :wink:
  13. That is a very good diet, and nothing wrong with that at all! Just the vets being paid to push the pellets onto people! :evil:
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