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  1. hi i might sound silly here but could somebody please tell me what anting is and why they do it? as i understand so far from reading, they bury things in their feathers...my sophie does it with her seed and other food/objects thanx in advance for any answers
  2. hi, can anybody suggest any good treatment for my cockatoo as she has started to pluck her feathers out, and its gettin quite bad on her chest area, ive bought a bath spray. i spray her daily. sumtimes just with warm water. she has toys in her cage for when we are at work and we try to get her out of her cage as often as we can but she likes to attack us she is tame and is nice as pie for a while then she will just decide to get evil and fly at us and bite...lol...its deffinatly tru that too's have split personalaty's and her bite is very strong..i'm in the process of buying her a giant cage so she will be happier hopefully. when she first came to us she was almost totally bald and over the months her feathers grew back lovely she looked beautiful. but now after 5 years she has started it again. sometimes she even makes herself bleed a little also any advise on trying to stop her attacking us woud be very helpful..lol she seems happy still talking and dancing...eating loads as usual and being cheeky (squalking alot) thanx in advance
  3. hi, jebirds i live in the barry area, my sophie is a yellow crested cockatoo, how about ur sophie?
  4. this will sound strange but im from wales and my next door neighbour had two budgies, and a few months ago she let them go after hearing about bird flu....i wasn't amused with her im sure she cud tell also. it was a very silly thing to do
  5. oh thats good that i can remove the skirts.... my plan is to keep sophie the cockatoo inside the cage and sam the ringneck on top as he wont fly he's too fat so he will be happy to live on top minding his own business as he's not hand reared/hand tame he wont play with us or come on our hands we've tryed for ten years..lol..but he's just a grupmy old man who likes to just b nosey, i will get him a playstand aswell so he doesnt get bored on the 1 perch and sophie will love it inside that big cage....she's hand reared/hand tame so she can come out to play, altho she has a split personality and sometimes attacks us..lol i just dont want two cages in my bedroom so i think this will be the best option thanks 2 every1 for the replys, this is a lovely forum
  6. oh thats a lovely cage...and your african grey is sooo cute, my aunty has a grey and he's so funny, their such good talkers aren't they im hoping to get this cage i think my sophie would love it
  7. he may do it 4 me, he doesnt hate the birds but he is doing the house out and its costing alot and the birds r quite messy and take up space...i dont think he will mind me keeping them in my room, he just dont want them to destroy the house..lol..which i understand but i dont believe in givin my pets away as they r part of the family...unless they were unhappy then i would rehome them to a home with more time (aslong as i could visit)..lol thanx for all you help its wonderful
  8. i have a yellow-crested cockatoo....the only reason i want them in my room is because my mum and dad want them gone as they say there is no room for them any more.....i would rehome them if it came to it but only if i cud visit them but i feel sad as sophie has really come out of her shell with us as she was mistreated at a previous home, thats why we bought her to take her away from that life..she was kept in a dark room and got no attention as they cudnt stand the sqwalkin.
  9. i already have a cockatoo and a alexandrine ringneck,
  10. thats good to hear....as my dad wants them to go..but i wont allow it so i want to keep them in my room....as they have been passed around enough and i feel that they are settled with me now. another question do you know any place where i can buy a new cage at a good price (not too expensive as i have 2 buy it)? it's for a cockatoo so i would like it quite large thanx for any replys i actually spend most of my time in my bedroom so they would b entertained sumtimes i feel like i would love to rehome them so they cud have company alll day long..but ive had 1 for 10 years and the other for 5 and i just love them too much..maybe im being selfish, but i just cant let them go....
  11. hi..just a quick question, is it safe for me to let my 2 parrots live in my bedroom? alot of people have told me not 2 do it as they cud give me chest infections and things of that nature...
  12. hi, im new here, i have a cockatoo called sophie and an alexandrine ringneck called sam sam says nothing at all lol..he only swalks but sophie says "hello" "come in" when the door knocks she does this weird tune of her own (very original..lol) whilst dancing at the same time, she loves dancing 2 any music she says "hello scooby" have no idea why cuz her name is sophie "good boy", "good girl" "goodbye" when she does this she flaps her wings like she's wavin or very rarely she will lift up her leg..lol she does the puppy power theme says "pretty girl" screams out "YAY" in a very very high pitch voice she mumbles a whole lot of other stuff quietly so we cant hear her...probably cuz shes talkin ABOUT us not TO us..lol
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