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  1. Hi w6! oh my god how rarer find! my mother was born in Sheffield but my Nan was born in Szombathey in Hungary. So half of our family live over there!
  2. No im not actually i am half hungarian :shock: my surname is OSZE and if anyone can pronounce it without saying OOZE or OZZY i will be impressed!
  3. yay booked my tickets! will wear a badge! he he i cant wait now
  4. cool, do you know the postcode of where its being held so i can save it in my sat nav? thanks
  5. what sort of things do they have? ive never been and i really want to go....
  6. I was just wondering if you had to be a member of the Parrot Society to go to the stafford show ? or can anyone go? thanks any help would be appreciated.
  7. does anyone know links to any conure breeders? :wink: i think im going to go for a conure or a meyers there both suitable. thanks everyone! xx
  8. Goodn mornign everyone - new member here. Im shauna, im 21 years old from halesowen, my mum got me into the love of parrots/birds as she breeds red rumps as a hobby. ive moved into my own flat and i am after a small parrot, one thats not really loud, the flat is spacious and i just want a companion! i can afford £200 - 350 is my budget. if anyone has any recommendation or can help id be much obliged! love this site and forum! hope to make some friends
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