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  1. MINNY


    Hi ash, I think treacle will be thinking your the best thing since sliced bread!!!! its been one of the hardest things ive ever done, but i know hes in good hands and will have a super life!!!!!!
  2. hi my birds are my world and i agree with everything you say,no-one can imagine the time, responsibility and work that goes into making their lifes worth the captivity!!!!!!!!!nothing can compare to the lifes they should have flying free!all we can do is make up for humans and the captivity we have given them and hope we make their time with us nothing less than happy.I think anyone buying a bird should have an induction corse full of pros and cons and info into the big responsibility they are taking on with this should come a licence and that money could go someway to supporting the dammaged and unwanted!!!!!!! yes my greys are special !! my macaw is even more loving and gentle and our pigeons will fly in a race for 502 miles only to land on my hubbys shoulder for a peanut .my hubby and i dont deserve them.....all birds are special!!!!!! :shock:
  3. Thankyou...I call him treacle cos he is just so sweet....he love women and is nervous of men at 6 months he doesnt bite and is beggining to talk he lays on my neck and just loves a cuddle,his faviourite place in the world is the top of the stairs...lol...when he gets there he runs around wagging his feathers thinking hes king!!!!!!!!!milly is alltogether different only likes me !! trys to trick anyone into a tickle and for their effort they get a bite...and treacle if hes not carefull.....milly is a typical spoilt child...he is a talker ,chatting all day and loves nothing better than to lay in my arms and be tickled all over..they are so different.Henry is even more loving and gentle just little babbies really... how about everyone else.I love all your graphics by the way they are great!! minny x :shock:
  4. hi everyone,THANKYOU.....you took time out to answer my question an for that i am greatfull!......i have two cags called Milly and Treacle and at the moment im hand rearing a blue and gold macaw for my brother (he will be sold soon :cry: )ive been hand rearing cags for my brother for a couple of years and the macaw called henry is my last! i find it too heartbreaking to part with my babbies and for my sanity i have to stop!!I love birds we all do we have budgies parrakeets PIGEONS.......nothing prepared me for the love of a grey!!!!!!!!!! minny x
  5. hi everone ive just found this site and thought i would join as it looks good! i do have a question ... are tobacco stalks ok in nest boxes for african greys,my brother has just bought it from a pet store and i questioned the safety aspects as cags chew i no pigeon fancyers use it in the nest boxes but as for cags!?? i would really apreciate some advice if anyone can help!!!!!!!!!!!! :shock:
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