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  1. Blimey hun, I'm really sorry to hear about this! Not really much to add on here except as others have said, you obviously have the birds' best interests at heart. If you want to talk about it, you know where I am. I'll rack my brains (shouldn't take long, they're that small lol!) and see if I can think of anyone who might be suitable for one of them. {{{Hugs}}} Georgia XXXX
  2. Aww lovely, what a handsome chap! Glad he' getting settled in ) XX
  3. Yay, brilliant news ) I have been trying to text you back but my phone seems to have given up the ghost, grrr! Good luck with him, I'm sure he'll soon be a happy birdie with you! XXX
  4. Hi Carla! Did Angela not want it then? Sorry as you know have no idea about Brown headed parrots. Ps Thanks, Mango loves the sugar cane ) XX
  5. Aww, no I won't be working sadly, but I'll try and pop in to meet him! He looks like he's settling in well already! XXX
  6. He's gorgeous hun! Mango sends her love and says when he's older can he be her boyfriend? lmao! XXX
  7. Congratulations! Glad to hear the little guy got over here ok. Come on then, where's the pics, you finished work over an hour ago lol XXX
  8. Hi Carla! I'm in exactly the same position as you at the minute, I'm from Jersey too and I'm looking to get my YC Amazon Mango a new cage, but having no luck on Ebay or anywhere else. It's so frustrating comparing the prices on Ebay to the ones in the petshops over here, twice as much for the same thing! Have you looked in the Pet Cabin? They have some cages in there, not sure whether they are within your budget though. I do know someone who might be able to help, I'll get in touch with him and let you know what he says. In the meantime, if you find anything please could you let me know? Thanks! Georgia and Mango XXX
  9. Hehe, the vet Peter Haworth who treated Tocky the parrot is my friend and landlord It's very handy having a vet interested in parrots as my live in vet :D/ The Blue and Gold macaw, Jack, standing on my dog in my photobucket album is his. XX
  10. Happy Hatchday Shadow, hope you have a lovely day!
  11. Thanks, hopefully that's all it is then She's in a right grump though, sitting on a perch she doesn't normally use with her back to me giving me beady looks over shoulder every few minutes :? I just thought I'd try and get her out but she tried to bite when I put my hand too close, very unlike her :cry: Bless her, what funny little characters they are! Thanks again XX
  12. Hi all, this is a bit of an embarassing question but I'm a little concerned about Mango so I'm going to ask anyway! Do birds pick up on womens hormones when it's 'that time of the month'? ( :oops: ) Mango is being very quiet today, not talking and doesn't want to come out of her cage. She's not fluffed up and she is eating. She was fine yesterday and I seem to remember she was a bit like this last month, but I've got a memory like a sieve so I'm not sure :roll: Any comments much appreciated! Thanks XX
  13. Thanks for your replies I can see your point Stormbird, I've just been to measure it and it's 5 foot 2 inches high, 3 feet wide and 6 feet long, so maybe it would be possible to put some kind of safety porch on it. I would take her out in her cage, as you say it would be easier, but it's rather large and it was a struggle to get it through the door in the first place I'm always looking for ways to make Mango's life more interesting, so I'll look at putting a safety porch on. Thanks again XX
  14. Hi all, just looking for some suggestions about how to get Mango in and out of an outside enclosure we have? I've been trying to train her to go into a small wire dog crate type cage to get her outside, she will go in to get a treat but she is quite wary in there, I don't want to frighten her by slamming the door on her! Also I'm a bit worried about getting her back in, I don't want to lose her obviously! So just wondering how everyone else does it? The enclosure isn't huge, about the size of a large wardrobe, but it would be lovely if she could come out with us in the garden on nice days Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks very much XX
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