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  1. sazzy

    Allergic Alveolitis - Support Thread

    Hi Louise, Tell that husband of yours to get on with that aviary of yours and not so much golfing!! Salx :wink:
  2. Hi I had the same problem,found out it was a trojan. In the end i had the harddrive wiped, when you get it sorted make sure you've got a good firewall, I've got Nortons now and I've had no probs since with anything Salx Good luck!! :wink:
  3. sazzy


    Hi Alison I'm from Cornwall too!! Sal =D>
  4. We took our dogs up to our local dam on Bodmin moor today, one likes to swim all the time and the other one only soaks his feet!! Salx :D/
  5. sazzy

    Cage Disinfecters

    Do you like my sense of humour Louise?? Salxx :wink:
  6. sazzy

    Cage Disinfecters

    I use the power washer take the bird out first mind!! Sal xx
  7. Hi everyone, as you can guess i'm new to this, i've just bought a african grey parrot at the weekend 20 wks old named sky. He or she is lovely & i'm smitten !!