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  1. I have boxes of brightly coloured wooden baby blocks that i get from car boots and charity shops. I place these in the area's the birds like to visit in the hope that they chew these and n9ot the fixtures and fittings. I have still had my desk turned to match sticks, just took a little longer than normal.
  2. We have a 17 year old cag that bites of his flight feathers on one wing only. He never damages any other feathers, only one wing and only enough feathers to keep himself grounded. Other than this he is in perfect health. Why he does it i will never know as it was a habit he had when he came to live with us.
  3. Cheers Colin, I will collect said branch tomorrow and let the birds check it out.
  4. So Colin, Does that mean that it would be unsafe for my macaws ?
  5. I have just been offered some branches of Eucalyptus, But one site says its safe and another says all parts of the plant are toxic. Now i am confused. Please help rid my confusion. Is it safe or unsafe ?
  6. Get rid of the OH or buy them ear defenders....... No i am not trying to be funny. I cannot stand the shouts of our greys but the macaws do not bother me. The solution was simple, the greys live in the living room which is somewhere i do not go untill late at night and they are asleep. I do visit them during the day to feed them but the rest of the family provide there entertainment. The macaws live in the dinning room where i spend most of my day. Not a perfect solution i know but it may help untill percy can be helped to quieten down a tadd. The following may help. # Realize that some screaming is normal for birds and cannot be totally eliminated. Most birds will vocalize at dusk and dawn and an occasional vocalization should be accepted as a part of a healthy well-adjusted bird's normal behavior. We just want to eliminate the inappropriate behaviors only. # Do not reward excessive screaming with attention and drama. Always ignore the sounds that you don't like, such as excessive screaming. This means do not talk to them, don't look at them and certainly don't go to their cage. I recommend leaving the room if the bird starts to scream inappropriately. # Teach your bird to whisper: Screamers are made and not born. Birds quickly learn that we respond when they yell which results in one of the most common behavior problems - the bird that screams incessantly. The best way to deal with this is to use your birds intelligence to your advantage. Teach the parrot a contradictory sound, such as whistling or whispering. # Reward the bird for good behavior. Pick a vocalization that your bird already makes and encourage it. Most birds have a variety of vocalizations that they make throughout the day even if they don't actually speak. Pick one of these and EVERY time the bird repeats this vocalization in your presence reward the bird. Rewards can vary depending on the individual, but common ones include food rewards, toy rewards and the best is to be taken out of the cage for a cuddle. Always reinforce good noises with lavish praise and attention. # Look for patterns in screaming episodes, then look for ways to prevent the pattern from starting. # Teach the bird a redirected activity, such as foraging for treats. Good luck and i hope the Oh comes round to loving the sounds Percy makes.
  7. Just a note to say that Napoleon is back to his old self. Trashing the dining room, removing keys of the keyboard and harasing the dogs.
  8. As i was once told. If your birds only call for a short time once or twice a day it is not a nuisence. Dogs bark, children shout, ect. As long as it is not a continuois noise then there is no room for complaint. I have two macaws who love there morning and evening screech and our landord has been here when they are in full swing, but because they are mostly quiet then things are ok. Good look and try not to worry about thinks as it may just be one person who is a bit grumpy, and remember a complaint has to be justified, not just one persons dislike.
  9. Just a quick update. Nappy is not pulling his feathers as much now and some of the down has grown back. I tried to get two avian vets to do blood tests but both where reluctent for me to travel 30 and 50 miles with the bird and told me that the blood tests carried to much risk. At this point in time i have lost all faith in vets. I treated him for mites and giardia and i used aloe vera in his bath water, he is getting some clay to both eat and in his bath water. I think it may be a sexual maturity thing as his whole behavior has changed. He is not the same bird as before Christmas. he is now a lot cuddlier and does not play so rough, he is not as vocal and not getting into as much trouble as before. In fact he is the ideal bird, but i do miss his antics and i hope he gets some of his playful side back. Thanks to all who offered advice.
  10. PM sent Colin. Napoleon seems quite settled now, a little quiet but i ithink that is to be expected after a night with no sleep. I will be arranging for him to see a avian vet. It was Longley who saw us and at least he handled him with confidence, not like one of the local vets who gave him a pen to keep his beak busy and ended up with a pile of bits and still had a sore hand.
  11. Napoleon now almost seems himself again, but with a few bald spots. It all started about 7pm last night when i noticed a small blood stain on his chest, as the night progressed he got more and more agitated and was pulling more and more feathers. There was nothing obviously wrong with him and nothing had been changed or used in his room. he was still racing around his cage at 1am this morning, biting himself and pulling feathers from his back, chest and legs, But at 6.30 he had clmed down. We got him seen by our local vet at 10.30 (avian vet could not see him today) Who reckons he has got a bactiral problem and gave him a injection of antibiotics. He has now had a quiet couple of hours and although a little subdued is tucking into his fresh veg. The frightening thing was the speed the problem developed. It was so frustating to see him in so much distress but not able to do anything, I just hope it does not recure. As a precaution i have scrubbed his cage and washed his covers. I just hope that Tango does not get the same problem. If i find out more about the cause i will post. Thanks to all who replied Never been far away Still read the posts just not had much to say.
  12. Our regular vet is Longleys, but will probably try to get a appointment at St Annes. Its 6.30am and he finally seems to have settled, i will wait for nautral light to get in the room before i look at the damage he may have done to himself.
  13. I am in Morecambe and any reccomendation of a good vet would be of great help as i have been very lucky in the past and not had any real problems before. Our local vet trys his best but admits he is a general vet not a avian specalist.
  14. I have spoken to 3 vets one of which was a specialist exotic vet and 1 a avian vet....will get some bloods ect done first thing in the morning. Not one of the vets thought it was worth me driving 50 miles tonight, they said get my local vet to run some tests.
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