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  1. great link thxs for the help ady
  2. hi not sure if this is the right place for this post if not sorry anyway pepe my 11 month old newly owned red bellied macaw has decided that his perches are more fun and taste better than his toys. i have brought some spray that is meant to stop him chewing the perch but it is like putting a cherry on top of a cream cake he loves the stuff in fact it has made him worse. i know it is only a little bit of wood and i don't really mind that but is there any harm in him doing this ?? i would prefer it if he didn't so any tips welcomed hehe thxs ady
  3. hi everyone pepe is now eating fruit not as much as i would like him to but he is eating it thank you to everyone for their useful comments ady
  4. thank you all very much i still have soooo much to learn but with you guys in my corner i am on a winner i will restrict his monkey nuts and will keep trying you people are tops thanks ady
  5. hi as some of you know i am new here and have just got a red bellied macaw he is called pepe and he is 10 months old approx when we went to collect him i did notice that there wasn't any fruit in his cage but thought maybe he just clean him out ready to go. we have had him since Sunday 4th march and we have given him fruit daily but he just picks it up and drops it on the floor in fact he empties the whole bowl on the floor we have even brought some dried fruit just in case he was fussy hehe but he don't even look at that he does eat parrot food and he loves his monkey nuts. is this something to worry about ? any advise would be great as i just want whats best for pepe thanks ady
  6. thxs people this is really helpful cheers ady
  7. thank you very much he is semi tame so they said hehe he is starting to take food from you through the cage but then drops it lol but i do know that these things takes time and he will do it in his own time thanks for the link i best get some ink for my printer lol ady
  8. hi thxs he don't swear at the moment hehe it was just me asking cos i am sure he will pick it up soon enough lol ady
  9. hi people i am the proud owner of a 10 month old red bellied macaw called pepe we are pretty new to the parrot but have had parakeets and other birds we would be greatfull for any tips you may have on these birds or you can direct me to a good webpage where i can do some reading on these birds likes/dislikes foods toys health grooming etc etc any advice would be welcomed good or bad also i had to pay 250 for this red bellied macaw is this a good price because he was asking for much more than this ? thank you for any advice i am sure i will be poping up now and again with more questions like why does my parrot swear lol take care ady
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