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  1. Corky has just sussed out that he can whistle the great escape tune... he's driving me mad lol.
  2. We visited the Tropical World last weekend where there were 2 beautiful macaws free flying around in the tropical house, however 1 of the birds was so badly plucked it was very very bald, should this bird still be around the general public? or should it be kept away in a stress free environment? is it me just been too sensitive? It has been playing on mind all week I feel for the poor birdy. Debs
  3. OMG Potty's Mum, I know I'm getting old but its coming to something when the only thing I can pull is a CAG lol.
  4. Last night corkey was acting really strange with me, he was sat on the sofa on his favorite cushion and kept running up and down it grabbing my hand for a head rub then giving me gentle nips, he then run away again and came back to do the same at one point putting his chin in my hand and just resting on me again giving me gentle nips, all the time he was running to and away from me he was making baby noises and had his wings hung down, after about half hour of this he stopped flew on his palystand and started chattering away, any ideas on what was going on please.
  5. Good choice. From a biased CAG owner lol.
  6. Yeah everything else seems the same, thanks for that and I will keep up with the spray.
  7. I have had my CAG for just over 2 months now he's got a lovely cheeky personality... however for the past week he has been really hyper and nippy could this just be the time of the year? or could there be any other reason for this. Also how can I get him used to bathing he is terrible now... I use a mister which he liked, but now it seems he's gone off the idea of that. Any comments or links would be welcome. Debs
  8. Avian and Exotic Clinic c/o Shearbridge Veterinary Centre 2 Legrams Lane Bradford West Yorkshire BD7 1ND Telephone number for appointments: 01535 605033 http://www.izvg.co.uk/clinicstaff.html
  9. Sue, You must have been shaking like a leaf... a similar thing happened to me yesterday morning, Corky was climbing up one of his toys in his cage (its one of the hanging one's like chain links but in resin) he managed to get his head through one of the links and his foot slipped I made a mad dash to the cage and freed him, god knows what the situation would have been if I wasn't there. Hence to say the toy went in the bin where it belongs. I'm so glad he is ok, I honestly do know how you feel. Debs xx
  10. Hi All, Thanks for your replies... I have ordered one today from Hatch-it Incubators. Once again thank you all for your help. Debs
  11. Hi, Could anyone please point me in the right direction as to where I can buy a transporter cage for my CAG. I would only use it for taking him to the vets and my mums when I go away on holiday. Any help would be much appreciated. Debs
  12. Thanks for your comments... I think he is a real handsome fellow. The Emmerdale murder hunt... wow I tried having a go but for some reason I just couldn't do anything... might be me been a thicky lol. Let me know who you think it is. Debs
  13. Hi Noora, Try these people... we use them for work they do stainless steel wire/rope. http://www.ormiston-wire.co.uk/products/products2.cfm#1 Debs.
  14. Hi Everyone, Just look at my happy little chappy one month on from when I got him.... he's now 5 months old and a big fan of emmerdale (lol).
  15. http://www.livefood.co.uk/vets.htm the above is a link I found whilst on the net, I thought is may be usefull on here.
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