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  1. Hi all Thank you very much for the info ~Little Als Mum, Thank you for the details of Anton, i just went on ebay to and saw a stand which turned out to be the delux stand of Anton's well i presume it is, because it's exactly the same picture!!! Definately an order coming up!!! Thanx again everyone :!: :wink:
  2. Hi I've just moved house, and my parrot's cage is now in our dining room. I'm looking for a playstand for our lounge, but instead of the metal playstands i was looking for a playstand with sisal rope hoop and natural looking perches, etc (basically home made type of stand) Now i've can't seem to find one like this anywhere and have found this one instead. http://shrunklink.com/?ymv (= Northern Parrots) Please can anyone let me know if they would recommend a stand like this, or where i can find the stand/gym i'm looking for with the sisal rope hoop, etc. Thank you :wink: Always happy to shrink long links (MadMudMob)
  3. Hi Everyone Just to let you know that it seems that Beck's screetching is getting better, he's sort of changed his tune a bit... LOL he only does one loud short yell, but i still carry on with the flock call. He still screetches when visitors arrive, so when we have viewings for the house i'm afraid i put him in his travel box and into the car covering him with a sheet. I know this sounds terribly cruel, but when he starts screetching people normally just want's to get out of the house. And i keep telling myself that it's normally 30 mins max so he can have a little rest. But other than that when we are at home, it does seem to improve.
  4. Thank you for the advice MMM... The little bugger... Well at least i know he loves me Think he must have known that my husband wasn't coming home last night, cause he did it constantly last night... Had me in stitches
  5. Hi everyone My darling "baby" Becks is now 18 months old, i've read that they sexually mature at about 3-4 years old. I find this extremely funny bless his heart, but he gets fruity on my hand and talks to me while he's doing is I'm laughing while i'm writing it, because i do find it hillarious, i think it's cause he says "kiss-kiss" when he does it. :oops: I don't mind it as such, but i don't know what to do in the sense of do i just put him down immediatly or do i ignore this behaviour? Just because i don't really want to do the wrong thing, where i might see it as harmless, but might create a monster by ignoring it. And is it not a bit soon for him to get fruity, or is it just that he might sort of have feelings by doing it.... I know it sounds a bit stupid because i don't know if they do get feelings??
  6. Thanks to everyone for your support!!! Seems like Becks is getting a better already, the biggest practice is this weekend, as that is the time when he really goes off into one and where i pull out my hair. I will keep you all informed of our progress!!! But i have to say that he seems to calm down already.
  7. :cry: Ah that was super heartwarming thank you very much neilr. To tell you the truth, i was on the verge of putting him up for sale on this site, but decided to ask for advice instead, and all the wonderful parrotty people on this site has offered very comforting words and solutions. Point is i love him way too much, i think the fact that i still had to handrear him (very last stages) when i got him, just would make the whole thought of getting rid of him unbearable. We should be moving soon and some how i think that that would somehow change things to a degree. Saying that tho it doesn't mean i'm not still teaching my Becks he's new flock call!!! :wink: :wink: :wink:
  8. Thank you MadMudMob!!! yeah, I did mean that he yells in the kitchen when we are right next to him, i just wasn't sure if we use the same technique with all the different cases... LOL Got it ... Leave the room... Flock call... Any break in any yelling - Flock call... He says it back... Plenty of kisses and cuddles... Thank you once again MadMudMob!!!
  9. Thank you for that advise, I will definately start with that the minute i get home!!! This will especially work durin the weekends at home. Sorry not to sound ignorant or not that i don't trust your advise MadMudMob :oops: , would i carry on the same technique when I get visitors? I would be in the kitchen with the visitor and Becks (parrot) and he will still be yelling - or as soon as he hears the door go - and at night when the dishes are being washed?
  10. Thank you for your reply Kleopatra. I must add however that this is somehow just developed over the past 6-8 months, and having read up about eclectus and how noisey they are, the general information is that they are normally quiet birds, and usually screetch when excited, startled or scared. He's excited screetch (usually when he's had a fly and lands back on he's cage) varies quite a lot to the other screetching. I reckon he know's it annoys us as it's a particulary loud screetch that goes straight through you. I try not to give him the attention when he does this, but it's soooooo frustrating. and when you have people round it's basically impossible as it's so embarrassing.
  11. Hi I hope someone can help me with a bit of advice or guidence (and maybe encouragement). I have a gorgeous ekkie male, he's 18 months old, i've had him since a baby. He is extremely tame and has got an excelent personality. The only problem is that he screetches and it's driving us up the walls. I work during the day so he's by himself, when i get in from work he's absolutely fine, I let him out of his cage for a play and he keeps me company while I cook dinner and has a fly about (he's out for about 2-3 hours every night) The minute he hears the door open when my husband gets home (we've got a door knocker that makes it impossible to open the door quietly) he screetches the house down, and when I kiss and cuddle my husband he screetches. Whenever we get visitors and he hears the door and different voices he screetches. Now even on the weekends when we are there he continually screetches, or when he hears movement upstairs in the morning he screetches, it's like he realises that it annoys us and he seems to find great pleasure in this. I've tried to just ignore him and not to reward his bad behaviour, but we are going to sell our house and that involves having people round, and it's just so embarrasing to have him constantly screetching while they are there. I'm seriously at the end of my wits, I feel like I should just get rid of him before we move, but fact is he's my baby and it would kill me to do that... But the screetching has to stop. Any advice will be welcome please, I really don't want to get rid of him but my husband is getting serious about getting rid of him now. :cry: Thank you!!!
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