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  1. Finally got to go today and had a fantastic time, i didnt want to leave an so wanted to bring them all home with me, here is a link to my photos...... http://s51.photobucket.com/albums/f361/jodiebr24/birdland/ just waiting for my videos to upload and i will add them too.
  2. After losing him and all the tips i had from you all on finding him again i thought i would give you all a little update on how he is doing, It doesn't seem to have fazed him at all (i know he was only gone a night and a morning but to me it was a long time) he is talking more than ever and making the cutest little bird noises which he obviously picked up while he was on his travels and he continues to eat me out of house and home. I have changed my signature link into a little montage of his pictures which im sure you will enjoy, i did but i am bound to lol!!
  3. Im crying again just reading all your posts, i swear i have never been happier to have him whistling as loud as he can in my ear!!!!!
  4. Thanks so much all, i cried all night and i have done it all over again since i got him back, thanks to everyone that provided tips on finding him you honestly wouldn't believe how grateful i am right now.
  5. Thanks so much for all your replys, as you can tell by the time of my first post (4.50am) its been a long night and a longer day, just after i typed that post i went into the garden and could hear him, i was gobsmacked, we spent all morning trying to track him down, we did eventually around 8 am but he was about 80 ft high in a fir tree and there was no way he was giving in, eventually around 10am he went for a fly, he landed in a smaller tree, easier to get to but still out of reach even with the ladders we had, but the neighbours were fantastic all helping to find taller ladders, it has taken a long time, a lot of patience, and a hell of a lot of love, but we got there, and barkley is (as of half an hour ago) safely back in his cage at home!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. I am gutted to be posting in this section, Our african grey Barkley flew off last night, after one of the kids left the door open, im looking for any advice on finding him (i have been out all night), places to call, places i can report him missing to, ANYTHING!! I have printed off a load of posters and i will be taking these to all the houses in the area shortly. If anyone hears anything, i am in the midlands, nuneaton, warwickshire. i am willing to give my mobile number to anyone that thinks they can genuinely help. thanks. jodie x
  7. Barkley natters all day every day, the talking is lovely, i get "good boy" "barrrkkkllllleeeeyyyyy" "hello" "thank-you" "good night" "hello boy" "come on, come on then" over and over all day, but we are at a stage now (he's 10 months old) where the whistling is unreal, i am in the house all day and sometimes it does get a bit too much, but i keep telling myself it will pass. :?
  8. glad your sorted, if it does fall through i am only in nuneaton and would be happy to help you out.
  9. hi, as it says i am not really new but have not been here for ages!!!! i am jodie, mum to 10 month old barkley (CAG)very very noisy bird but we love him. here is a picture of him (hes such a poser)!!!!
  10. jodiebr24


    sorry to hear about your problem, im having the same problem with barkley, i was a stay at home mum till last week when i started to do a few shifts where i used to work and he has turned on me big time, he makes a bee line for me whenever i walk into a room and bites until i can get him off im finding it really hard at the minute and im finding im staying out of the living room more and more, i know thats probably making things worse but i cant help it, and if i need to be in the living room i will get dave to take barkley upstairs, because im in here now, dave has taken barkley with him while he has a bath. i know exactly how it feels and its horrible, i think hes picking up on how frightened i am at the minute too.
  11. yep just popcorn we made ourselves so no salt or anything added, to be truthful, me and my boyfriend were going to watch a film, but as soon as the popcorn went on the floor that went out the window, even the kitten tried it
  12. It gets worse, hes just flown across the room and now it really is everywhere. my house was soooooo tidy!!!! :roll: but boy did i laugh
  13. BEFORE........ 10 MINS LATER.............
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