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  1. I would like to wish everyone on here a very happy new year! I am really sorry I dont get on any more. I miss coming on, but my life is nuts! It has been for about eighteen months now...I hope when he (my son) gets a little older, a bit more of my time will be free to re-kindle my affairs with you lot. Cheers. Ian...Mini Me
  2. Well folks...at long last its all over! SAT's are done (awaiting the results), and although it is difficult to predict how things have gone, the boss said she was really pleased with what the children were putting on paper so here's hoping! My year group and I got back from Germany this morning at 3am. I got tied up in Calais with the French strike action that is going on over there at the moment, and although we had to wait for three hours in the port, the kids enjoyed the trip (all 39 of them!). I am totally exhausted now (took 22 hours to get from Boppard to Liverpool). I got home to more chicks hatching in the incubators, and the ones I have been growing on are doing well (thanks to a little help from my friends whilst I was away). My ferret kits are also growing strong. I now have two weeks of work for the half term holidays, so I am looking forward to the rest. If I get time, I may start a new drawing (although I dont normally draw at this time of the year - its usually a dark nights kind of thing for me). I am also still waiting to here from the printer about the African Grey print from the printer (but things seem to be moving forward a little quicker now). So, I will keep you all posted and hopefully it will not be too long before I can start sending them out to those who have ordered one. Cheers all. Ian
  3. Ye. I think they may be old dutch bantams... http://www.dabarn.net/2001bclb.jpg
  4. Hehe. I have 27 brahma bantam chicks out! The are lovely.
  5. Not Japanese by any chance? Or Serama? Have you seen Serama? OMG! World's smallest chicken! http://www.shagbarkbantams.com/serams.htm
  6. Bantams. Brahmas, light sussex, silkie, wyandotte.
  7. But its always mad around here this time of the year. I have loads of eggs in the incubators, and SAT's are just around the corner. I will endevour to get the 'Shades of Grey' print sorted as soon as I possibly can. SOOOOOOOOOO sorry not been here. Enjoy the quiz, and as soon as I know who has won it, I will send you your print. Cheers. Ian
  8. Hi all. I have looked at the polls across the forums today, and it is very close...definately A - printed out and ready to go. And then...between 1 and 3. I printed out both and when put together with photo A, I have come to the conclusion that it needs to be number 2. the reason is, number 2 clashes with A as the heads are in such similar positions (even when I flip them bothon themselves and jog them around a bit). So, next drawing is Green wingg macaws pictures A and 2. with A flipped so it faces the other way. I was going to post them up here together to give you some idea, but it doen't real make much difference as they will be postioned on the page in another way anyway. I will get going over the next couple days and keep you posted. Thanks again for your help in picking the subjects, and dont forget MiniMe modeling agency is always looking for new talent should you wish to offer your services (well, actually your birds services, but you never know 8O ). Cheers. Ian
  9. I dont have you down for a print Bushidoninja? Have you ordered one? If so, remind me please as I have missed you out. If not, then can let you know if you want one and what number. Cheers. Ian
  10. This is it...its all done. I finished the trunk and worked the branch they are sitting on today, then spent an hour cleaning up the white (eraser EVERYWHERE!). Total time 29 hours. Next is the Green Wing Macaws, but I may stick a sly little one in between I am thinking of. Will of course, keep you all posted. So, its off to Manchester next to have it scanned, then over to Pickering to have the digital file colour adjusted and then finally printed. For those who have pre-ordered this print, I will have a far better idea of prices in a week or two, but I am offering it in two sizes. A2 - the original size, and A3 - half size (for smaller homes/walls), and so it will be two prices. The prices given from orders I get from the forum will be different from the prices quoted to anyone buying from other sources (printers/ebay etc) when I eventually sort out how the best way to move the prints. You will of course get the better price here. I am not greedy folks, I am gaining far more from the fact that you lot like this enough to put in on your walls! Any profit will go towards further developments in my art work. Cheers. Ian So...here it is...picked by you...named by you... ..........Shades of Grey.........
  11. What is name of the pet shop? Do we know? If so, then I think it may be apt to inform potential parrot buyers in the North West so they do not end up purchasing an incorrectly labelled bird as something it is not...If I am honest, and it has little to do with me, I am shocked that a Pet shop is allowed to stay open (or at the very least sell livestock), when it has no idea what exactly it is that it is selling. What next...selling gaboon vipers as boa constrictors? Fat tailed scorpions as emporers? Incredible.
  12. O.K. I am really taken with the idea of Green wing Macaws for my next drawing. I am not absolutely certain, I did think about Galah for a while, BUT, I am not entirely happy with the reference shots I have for that species. I am kind of hoping I can add to what I have in next couple of weeks. Whilst I am waiting, I think I may start GWM. If I am honest, I think the Macaws are one of my favourite parrot likes, so really fancy giving them a go... So...here are my reference shots. I can flip all these on the vetical so each can face either way. I will think about that once this bit is done. I recon you lot did a good job picking my last ref. shots, so thought you might like a little input again. I do after all, force the wip on you all, so best its images you like, rather than not. 8O Here goes then... A)... ... C)... 1)... 2)... 3)... O.K. poll options above. Cheers. Ian...hope I have not made things confusing.
  13. many thanks for all your kind words folks, and sorry so long since last update....THIS IS A KILLER...always is at the last stages. I have the trunk of the tree to do to finish the actual drawing. Then I will clean it using a combination of blu-tac and eraser. After which its of to be scanned and printed up...My problem is Billy is teething and full of cold, so I am tied up and tired. Will do my best to finish by the weekend....then, I think it going to be either Galah or Greenwing macaw...
  14. What? What did I do? I can prove it...self portrait...honest. . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . see...I never tell a lie...
  15. What? What did I do? I can prove it...self portrait...honest.
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