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  1. Ok, when it comes to certain animals you will find that in some species the male is better, but in others the female is better And in certain animals the female or male are the larger of the 2...For example my snake, the females grow to about 3-4ft whereas the male will only grow to about 2-2 1/2ft (hence why im happy mines male lol) So, in the African Grey world, which would you say was the better of the 2 to have...male or female? Just so I know what characteristics to expect from either...Like what sex is the most likely to be nippy, or talkative, or even curious?
  2. There will be no worries there, I ALWAYS do! I have to as it also spreads bacteria between my reptiles and it could make them ill and I dont want that Where we used to have rats I had to make extra sure I did before I went near him as rats ARE his lunch lol! I spoke to my other half last night and she seems very up for this aswell...its either this or an Iguana lol! I know what she prefers! thats why I am still here lol!
  3. seems like she lives VERY close to me! Thats pretty handy and convenient! As for my Snake, he is brilliant, very placid and loves people...I got him as I wanted a random animal apart from my bearded dragons, so i got my royal as their the most placid snakes around, even my girlfriends 9 year old holds him without a worry!
  4. Oh really!!! Im going to have to talk to you lol! Get some more info aswell 10mins walk...Which way though? Im very close to Crookhorn and Oaklands school And hello Showgirl, heard about you already on here, I believe your the knowledgable one on here, the vetinary nurse, or vet if I am right
  5. well i dont mind putting him in my room, he is happy enough aslong as he doesnt get disturbed alot, and he wont be in there As you can tell, I like my exotic pets, better than what I see as boring little things like hampsters, rabbits, cats etc lol! P.S, three laddies, I see your from the EXACT same area as myself...I just put portsmouth as its easier for people who dont know where I am, but I live in Waterlooville, about 10mins walk away from the shopping precinct Nice to see locals on here!
  6. I do this with any animal I want, I did about 3 or more months of research before I bought my Lizards, aswell as my Python I dont believe in just going out and getting what animal I want untill I know more about them so to give them a decent, happy life Plus the fact that if I ever did anything wrong to hurt the animal, or mistreat it, my sister would kill me as she is a vetinary nurse!!! lol!
  7. I did think about that, but the good thing is that he is only a royal python male that wont grow big, about 2 1/2ft and is a nocturnal creature As said, I like to keep all my animals seperate and would be more than happy to remove my python from my front room into my bedroom, which is turn would also givehim more peace and quiet lol! I liek to make sure that all my animals get the most comfortable surroundings possible
  8. Hello all I am looking into getting an African grey at some point in the near future hopefully but thought I would check out a few forums for more information But there is one thing I am mainly wanting to ask...And that is "would a Parrot be suitable for me?" Basically to explain myself a bit better as I want to make sure I give him or her, a good home Right here goese: My name is David, I am 28 years old and work full time. I am out the door at 7:15 and not home till 4:45 I live with my partner and she has a 9 year old son with us who spends most of his time with friends and in his room My partner spends alot of her time at home doing the usual house stuff and looking after the 9 year old, although at times she does go out but only for a couple of hours every couple of days or so In the evening I spend all my time in the front room, and many a times we have friends over When it comes to animals I like the random ones. For example we have 3 animals already at home We have 2, 1 yr old Bearded Dragons and 1 18month old Royal Python so I am used to high maintenence animals that need to have their surroundings set up right for them. All of which are secured safely and do NOT interact with one another due to stress levels and the fact that they could fight and harm each other I also believe in insurance as it means that if they need a vet they get to one, and not have to wait till I can afford it, or wait till pay day! So, with this information I would like people to mention to whether or not I would be able to give an african grey a good home. As you can also see, that there is someone going to be around the bird from early morning up to late evenings so they should never be bored If there is anything I would need to change, that I could, then I am willing Any more information would also be good thankyou
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