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  1. Thanks David, I will keep an eye on him and make sure the foot stays clean. Carol
  2. My cat has scratched my parrots foot. The scratch split the skin from one knuckle to another. It did not bleed much, just a smear. Bird does not seem bothered but I have read that cat scratches are dangerous. Should I take the bird to the vets for some precautionary antibiotics or just keep a close eye on the foot?
  3. Thanks for the congrats but I think they should all go to Feathers who obviously had a strong will to live. It seems to be the leader of the Sparrow gang - when s/he comes over for food, all the rest follow and when s/he decides its time to leave - off they all go. Yesterday I was busy and could hear it yelling in the garden but had to wait half hour to go out and feed. As I opened the door it flew into the house, did a lap and then flew out again. I fully understood that, as staff, I was failing in my duty of prompt feeding!!!!
  4. Well, Feathers is now living in the wild with a gang of other Sparrows. They all turn up 3 times a day and eat me out of house and bird table!!!! Feathers comes to me for meal worms and the others have worms on the table. S/he is doing very well and has been loose now for nearly two weeks - now about 5 weeks old I think.
  5. Excellent PM, thats just what I wanted to hear. Had no intention of having a pet sparrow - would have to build an aviary and can do without the expense!!!!! That is just what I was hoping to be told - put the cage out for a few days and then open the door and let her go. `Feathers` (cos she didnt have any!!) seems to respond to the sparrows in the front garden - we have quite a colony so I was hopeful I could just do what you did and she would fit in. Thanks for the praise too - thought I would get lynched after the response from the RSPCA and local vets.
  6. Ok, please don`t lynch me - I have done the best I could. Some local children bought me two baby Sparrows a while ago. They appeared to have fallen from the nest (birds, not kids) which is tucked under the high eaves of a house through a tiny hole. Birds were practically featherless - just little stumps of feathers poking through. It was deemed too dangerous to place them back in the nest due to its position - no where to rest ladders etc. Both birds were freezing cold and covered with dirt and pebbles and were only found due to one of them squeeking. It was obvious one would not survive due to injury and the other would have died of cold, especially as it rained that night. I figured that as they had not fledged the parents would be looking after the nest of young and would not tend a fallen nestling. Anyway, I took them in, placed them under a heat lamp and one picked up slowly and fed OK about an hour later - the other died. The local vets told us off for interfering with the `fledglings` and RSPCA not interested. All wildlife centres I know about are too far away. I have reared the single bird which is now starting to chew on seeds etc but is still being fed by me on demand. I have tried to keep contact to a minimum so that I can release the bird to the wild again. HOWEVER, the bird is very tame, jumping on to my hand when I go to the cage to feed her and when she escaped from the cage yesterday she landed on my shoulder. What I need to know is - do I have a hope of this bird living in the wild and if so how do I go about releasing her. Do I need to teach her to hunt or just make sure there is plenty of food in the garden and just `throw` her out - once she is eating for herself of course! Carol
  7. Well. I was given Penecillin for an infection when I was 6 months old and I ended up in A&E as I swelled up like a balloon, so I obviously got my allergies before I was 24 months. I actually have a bit of a problem at the mo` as I have a Senegal who I am fine with but my Mum has just raised a Cockateil for my Daughter and I am reacting to it. I may end up having to tell my Daughter it has to go back to my Mum - not looking forward to that!!!
  8. I used to be extremely allergic to animals - could not even have my `baby jabs` as they were made from rabbit muscle (don`t ask!!). I was allergic from birth (also to some medication - almost killed by penecillin at 6 months). A trip to the docs and some allergy testing is needed to tell what she is allergic to (if anything - there are some funny viruses around at the mo`) Does she stop the symptoms if she spends time away from home - even just an over night trip?
  9. Sarah, I had a Border Collie that had very poor fur and skin, dry and itchy. The fur fell out to the point he had to wear a Tshirt to stop him scratching and chewing. He was lethargic and bloated. He did not throw fits but otherwise his symptoms were similar. He had total liver failure (due to drugs for his Spondylosis) and was given (at age 7.5) only 2 weeks to live. He finally died at age 13. I put him onto a `liver and blood cleansing diet`. This involved cooking his food myself, all fresh (RAW) meat - NO RED MEAT. He had a stew made of veg and stock. The veg has to be of the cruciform variety - cabbage, greens, broccoli, very cleansing for the blood. Also other veg - carrots, potatoes etc. He had absolutely NO additives or bought `pet` foods at all. If you get a blood test for liver function and it comes back poor - try the diet. Nothing to lose and you may gain a few years like I did. Hope you get a good outcome. Carol
  10. Wiccaways are great, and I think they will handle the rehoming straight from you to the new owner if you want, ie not take Sonny into their kennels. They really care about the dogs. Best of luck - it`s hard on the Humans but the dogs seem to take it in their stride. Carol
  11. I was really glad to see the bird recover `cos it was gorgeous - in lovely feather, really big and handsome. I couldn`t believe it when Ron (The gardener) told me he had given it `mouth to mouth` The Ladies who live in the house were really upset and feeling guilty `cos there is always a wire cover on the water butts but someone accidently left it off.
  12. WELL!!!!! Healing power of nature!!!! I went to look at the pigeon about 5 minutes ago and it was standing up on its feet and supporting its weight. I said `well, you look better` at which point the pigeon took off and flew into a tree. I would have sworn that it could not see and would have to be put down but, very happily, I was wrong.
  13. I have arrived at a customers house to find that they have a pigeon which they pulled out of a waterbutt at 9am this morning. It was given the kiss of life by the gardener and started to breathe (evidently it was not breathing when rescued). The bird is now sitting on its feet, crouched down so its breast touches the floor and is trembling and occasionally seeming to almost fall over to one side or the other. The trembling is quite bad at times then settles to a mild tremor. It also appears to be blind - when a hand is waved in front of it there is no reaction at all and one of the ladies here touched the bird and it nearly jumped into the air with shock. Considering that it is still so bad so long after being rescued is there hope in which case I will take it to a vet or should I put it out of its misery??? I am of the opinion that there is a fairly bad neurological deficit which would mean the bird should be put down but I am hopeful someone will come up with a plan to save the bird.
  14. Thank you for you reply Gemmz, I will have a look at that cage.
  15. Hi all. Sorry to bother everyone but I need some advice. I am not at all happy with the cage Monty (Senegal) is in although it is big - 99*50*155 cm - it has a sliding door and I have nearly caught his feet on a few occasions. I am getting some money for Christmas and am going to buy him a brand new cage. Would the Madiera 11 be suitable? It is not very much smaller than the cage he is in now (not as high, obviously, but Monty does not use the bottom third anyway). I want to have as big a cage as possible as Monty is used to having a large cage. Any suggestions for suitable large cages would be appreciated as I want this to be the last cage I buy for him (why I thought this cage I have was good I do not know!!).
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