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  1. Good to be back. Still trying our best with the birds.
  2. John Mackay

    Looking for a good Caique breeder

    We are having to hand rear a baby Black Headed Caique this season. It is around 3 weeks old at present, just put it's closed ring on a few days ago.
  3. Occasionally hand reared available but mainly parent reared babies. All close rung and DNA'd. Unrelated pairs can be made with some species.
  4. John Mackay

    poicephalus parrots

    Found an adled egg thrown out today, sure I heard a little squeak coming from the nest box too. So think at least one has hatched. I dare not look as the parents are always in the box when they hear me and are very nervous. Will have to leave it for a while yet.
  5. John Mackay

    poicephalus parrots

    Had 2 young fuscicollis hatch over a week ago. Looked OK when I had a chance to check them yesterday. The other pr have eggs due to hatch, unable to check as yet. Hope they will be OK with this colder weather we have been forecast.
  6. John Mackay

    terrible breeding start 2013

    We have a few youngsters in the nest and all seem to be doing well. All in outside aviaries. 2 x Severe Macaws fully feathered. 2 x nests of YTC fully feathered (1 nest of 2 and 4 in the other rearing brilliantly). 1 x nest of 2 YTC around 3 weeks. I do worry about the heat but it seems all is going OK. Worrying less as a few are just leaving the nest during the day.
  7. John Mackay

    Red rump parakeet?

    Ours prs are gentle enough, one pr to an aviary but mix well with other species. Ours with Diamond Doves, CP Quail and Green Singers.
  8. John Mackay

    So happy :)

    Dosn't time fly. Good to see/hear positive feedback from new owners.
  9. John Mackay

    Red Front macaws

    Well done, they are looking good.
  10. John Mackay

    Cape parrots

    I don't think so. Some listed in last years PS breeding register, but probably details sent in wrong. Someone from South Wales? contacted me saying he kept them, didn't believe them so asked for pics and never heard from them again. Took it as a scam so deleted info.
  11. John Mackay

    Mortimer the Caique

    Good to see Mortimer is settling in so well.
  12. John Mackay


    Happy Birthday mate.
  13. John Mackay

    How was your year?

    Not too bad really. Very good fertility rate overall. BHC 2 prs laid 11 eggs, hatched 10. 2 died, h/r 4 and p/r 4. YTC p/r 4, lost 7 in bad Winter. GTC laid 4, fostered 3 under Hahns, 3 hatched, 2 died, h/r 1. Hahns p/r 3, h/r 1. Capes 2 prs, p/r 2 each. Severe Macaws, 2 prs p/r 4. YC Macaws, clear again. Brown Headed Parrots, nothing yet.
  14. A friend lost their pet African Grey earlier this evening. Any sightings or news I can pass on to them. I have given them John Hayward's details.
  15. John Mackay

    whats this beetle?

  16. John Mackay


    Saw one 3 days ago.
  17. John Mackay

    greater vasa's

    Good news Matty, look forward to the outcome.
  18. Wanted contact with breeders to exchange parentreared 2008/09 young for new blood to maintan breeding program.
  19. John Mackay

    So who has snow?

    We had some this morning too, couple of inches or so.
  20. John Mackay

    Does anyone recognise these breeder initials?

    Should be the 'sideways' number. If as you say 8 yrs will read 01.
  21. John Mackay

    Any parent reared birds ??

    Virtually all our babies have been parentreared for the last couple of years. Great to see them out in the aviaries as a family and obviously great future breeding potential. Good for the parents and has got to be the way forward I think.
  22. John Mackay


    Plagued with them again this year. Take over the food bowls after the fruit preventing the birds getting to their food. Catching a lot in diluted jam in jars but still they keep on coming. How do other people cope with them?
  23. John Mackay

    Severe Macaws (2prs) & Hahns

    Good start to their season with 100% hatch and seem to be happily rearing 3 babies.
  24. John Mackay

    Severe Macaws (2prs) & Hahns

    Bit of bad news, lost one baby Severe and one Hahns.