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  1. Absolutley :-) Am doing it this wekeend anyway How long would you suggest leaving him back in his original environemnt before the trip to the avian vet, I want to avoid a riduculous bill (I paid over £350 last time for tests and a small bottle of Zocal-D! I'm not avoiding paying this, but think I'm been 'done'. Alas, I had to let me insurance lapse as a number of financial priorities came in. Even if I resumed it itday Id not be covered as its not a new problem U;d welocme your thoughts.
  2. Looks like I'll be heading that way :-) Any reputable ones in Hertfordshire area? The one he went to before wa sin Essex.
  3. I work alot of the day; so; can do a spray before and fter work, and at weekend. Since applying there hasn't been any plucking, but was planning on giving him a shower later to wash the residual off, so it has 24 hours. He is not showing any signes of distress since having it. I was using bitter beak & Tea Tree oil spray, and I did wonder if they may irritate him? Any thoughts? I think also that reacting to the plucking in any way can make the think that its a good thing to do..ignoring it, i know is hard! He is in a lrage cage, and is out for several hours each evening. His seed is a mixed seed, have chnaged from 'parrot' to cockateil, mixed with chick feed, egg youk mix, and chilli's/garlic/fuit, and vegetables. He gets 30 drops of J&J tonic in his water (appropriate for his size) Thanks for you help, its reassuring, albeit it frustrating that I think I'm doing everything right. The one thing I think may be affecting him is that we keep him in the study/back room, while we are in the lviing room. He used ot be in the living room, and I wonder is that having an impact. He has to be rehoused with a friend as my partner needed chemotherapy, and on medical advise had to remove him. He did start plucking as he was away for 6 months. When he returned we put him in another room (above) and I wonder is this the problem, less stimulation, TV etc, and away from the action. That said, he is uusally let out and lives on a perch in with us most evenings.
  4. It was an avian vet! Thats what's worrying!
  5. It appears to be licensed (I am in the medical profession) and is bought on-line from a reputable parrot website here in the UK. Regardless, the drug is for mites/parasite and reaearch has shown it will work on mites, feather mites and red mites and lice and it was the one thing I hadn't excluded. Just to say I agree unless the plucking stops in next 2-4 days; a vet will be needed; my experience has been from an allegedly reputable vet is that the overcharge and don't resolve the problem. My original problem reoslved with a change of diet. However, if and when I go to a vet, I will take him to different one, as I don't have any faith in the previous one.
  6. No he hasn't been to a vet and it is a has been dropped to the back of his neck. I have tried everything to stop this plucking, from Bitter Beak to Tea tree oil, diet etc, and the mite soluton was the last resort. He is howeve ris great from singing away, and chatting as normal.
  7. Ivermectin is an anti-parasite for mites. Its in oil, so his feathers have stuc, and he looks alot worse than he is when 'dried'. That said I havn't seen him pluck since applying it!
  8. Thanks I'll try and get some, he looks worse since adding the imetechin, I'll also investigate a avian vet.
  9. Thanks to both for quick responses. Merlin's diet is good a mixture of fruit, seeds, chick feeds, garlic and various fats. He has his food supplemented. I agree thinking the collar will affect him. I also think he may be stressed as he is in a different room to the living room, and I plan to move him this weekend. I will add the Zocal-D again then!
  10. HI there I've a paoort of about 5 years. He's in good form all the time, about 1 year ago he started plucking, just about his red tail feathers, and in the end it was put down to ppor diet/low calcium. In the last few months he has started plucking again, however, on his chect and neck, diet is good, he gets supplements. I have tried to see if there are mites, and the 'white sheet test' is negative. However, I have given him last night as I am at my wits end 'beaphar' Anti-parasite spot on, with ivermectin. I am loath to bring him to an avian vet especially as she caused him such stres sthe last time, and insisted on him having zocal-D. His diet has now changed and hopefully doesn't need this. She didn't pick up his seed based diet was insufficient (he was on loan as my partner was very ill and moved on advis eof doctor) Anyhow, what I have noticed is he is pulling out the black ends of his feather, and splitting them. What is the cause of this, and is there aything I can do? Should I consider a collar as we have one, and will this cause more problems that it will solve. Many thanks
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