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  1. Wishing everyone who is a member a very Happy New Year !!
  2. Please can someone tell me of times spent with above as am considering purchasing 2 5 month olds from this site? have a african grey at moment and love him and wondered if it would be a problem with him !!!...the conures come with their on cage!! any comments would be good !!
  3. Many thanks for all your very kind words !!!!....and no cant wait to get her home.... To be honest I had big trouble loading a picture from Photobucket as it was so long that I posted....have now written down how to do it for future pics....Old age creeping up....lol
  4. Sorry I meant to say a Rottweiller Cross !!!!...[with a Boxer] She is just 3 weeks old yesterday as the picture we took at her home as we pick her up Jan 23rd...
  5. Best not leave Archie out of having picture taken...!!!lol regards, Mark
  6. Just thought I would post a picture of Archies new friend ....Roxie the Rottweiller puppy !! Regards, Mark
  7. Please can someone tell me a bit about the Green Amazon ?? talking ability behaviour size life span someone I know wants one rehomed complete with a 3 tier cage and as I have plenty of space was considering taking him on as he is 4 years old. I have got a African Grey called 'Archie' who we have had for 2 months nearly and he is 5 years old and is brilliant with me but would this upset him in anyway if we were to add the Green Amazon all be it in sepereate cages?? Regards, Mark
  8. Blimey those glasses went through the air faster than the speed of light !!lol....he is a beauty though !!....not sure I would feel safe with him on my shoulder after the glasses throw!!!lol
  9. African Grey ..6 years old Male... left Small ice cream cone hope this helps you!!
  10. We have chickens running free and we are forever rescuing them form the foxes by day!!!...........So be aware of this !! but this should not put you off of keeping hens just to be aware of the dangers!!
  11. http://www.kcbbs.gen.nz/lori/ar/worming.html hope this helps Edited by LAM to add link
  12. He looks a stunner to me !!!!....lovely looking bird just like my Archie ...lol xx
  13. what a great idea .............I am becoming just like Bob the Builder lately...lol
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