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  1. Hi all , just got DNA results back.....Ive got 2 girlies ! ( greys ) Thats a bit weird as i have 2 totally different birds . One is much bigger than the other and i was sure i had a pair. Never mind Zak will now be zakarina and charlie... well just plain old charlie . jan
  2. Hi all , Im also just setting up with an aviary for love birds . I have 2 greys which ive had for about 2yrs now , only just sent away for DNA test but not ready to put them together even if they are a pair..... they may hate each others guts LOL . Ive been given 5 love birds to start me of and will be on the lookout for any others in the Linc's region that need rehomeing . I have been reading all posts and have picked up some really good advice. Thanks to all for that ! jan
  3. As with all rescued animals and the amount of rescue homes i feel there are to many already wanting homes for whatever reason so i would say no, choose a bird/dog/cat from a rescue home and give it the life it deserves. We all choose to have pets and as the saying goes a pet is for life not just for the owner who once gets bored with it passes it over to the next person .
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