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  1. Fire not peed on at all !! I had not seen that one so I can now use it for more research ! Its not a user friendly or 'pretty' as it could be though !! I am so picky about things being nice to look at as well as informative !!!! I do think planetparrots website looks great ! Parrots are like humans, its like making a blanket personality comment about all Londoners or Liverpudlians !! (Nothing wrong with either I have to say!) There are preconceptions or generalisations about people from different places and it is the same with parrots. I do plan to emphasize this point. This is going to be a guideline where it will say "On the whole African Greys are....." blah blah I appreciate all opinions, feedback is all taken on board
  2. As I said, I didnt expect it to solve all problems, I am not a miracle worker (much as I would love to be) if I was I would miracle myself up a HUUUUGE piece of land and loads a cash to build my own animal sanctuary !! I simply wanted to create a comprehensive source of information which covers as many species of parrot as possible. I have found that many of the parrot based websites only cover a few species and finding information on Alexandrines for me was really hard ! I ended up joining a yahoo group called Alexandrines which has mostly Americans on it but they are all very knowledgable about that species and really good fun - so I usually split my 'web' time between there and here !!! I will continue with my database - once I have the bare bones set up I shall start asking for info on each particular species in turn (including any subspecies) and I'll just see how it goes from there. Anyone who wants to help will be welcomed !!
  3. I never expected it to be THE perfect database and I certainly dont expect it to solve all the rehoming problems. I simply thought that it could be a guide, an educational tool. To get a full comprehensive 100% accurate database for each and every species and sub species would be virtually impossible. I just wanted to combine the love of my life (my birds) with my talents in database programming. I think I will just continue as I planned, to create an Access database with as much species info as I can gather in it and use it personally as my own reference tool. If someone else wants to make use of it they can. :?
  4. Great idea, if PlanetParrot is happy to put all the info on the website I am up for that ! As I said, I do not mind collecting the data together in a format which is uploadable and then forwarding that to Planetparrot for uploading. If everyone wants to send me any info they feel could be used - behaviour, feeding, preferred toys, bad habits, size, whether suitable for beginners. What I can do is take all responses and put them together, obviously we will get conflicting opinions (not all parrots are the same) but I can then post the results and everyone can critique it as necessary !
  5. Hi, Excellent, it was the website bit that I needed to look into but as you already have it why not !!! Please do send me the file, I will PM you with my email address. I don't mind collating all the data in a file if everyone helps with providing the info. I think a website like this is such a helpful tool to all, prospective and experienced parrot keepers. Would it be possible to set up a section for looking up a species by its characteristics as I said in my earlier post ?
  6. Not sure, I hadn't seen it ! This is something I have been thinking about for a while. Just suddenly decided to put ideas into action ! I have to say it would not JUST be for pickign a suitable species - that is just my personal pet peeve ! It would be primarily a reference tool !
  7. At this stage it is just an idea - I am just curious as to whether it will be worth doing. I have spoken to some fantastic people on this site so respect their opinions - hence the question, what does everyone think? Good idea / Bad idea ?
  8. Thanks, I never have 'spare' time but this would be as I said a long term project where I would add to it as I went along. I would plan to add sub species in as well. Obviously I would put on the front page that it is only to be used as a guide to 'general' behaviour, noise levels, food types, guide to cage sizes etc. The more I think about it, the more I can add - it will end up HUGE !!! It will be the less common species that I will require help with but I will ask closer to the time when info is needed !
  9. Hi everyone, I a a bit fed up of hearing all these people saying how their parrot/parakeet isn't quite what they thought when they bought it or doesnt talk or something isn't quite right so they are selling/swapping etc. :evil: :? SOOOO..... I have decided to design a database, which will hopefully end up online with all characteristics of as many species as possible in it. The user should be able to search for specific characteristics they are after and the database will then suggest suitable species !!! Hopefully save on the number of parrots in need of forever homes !! Any ideas, comments, input or help would be appreciated ! I have a feeling this may be a long term project but I'd like to throw it to the forum as an idea - what do you all think ?
  10. Well I did my OW Amazon last night and it was not as bad as I thought. He/she is not the most friendly at the best of times and is hormonal on top of that at the moment. But once we had him in the towel he was good as gold, pulling feathers did make him jump a bit but bless his/her heart, stayed very still !
  11. Thanks Graham, Molly is always a bit protective over the cage area anyway so I'll be leaving them well alone - but keeping a watchful eye (just incase!) Cecil (my single boy) is the cuddle monster, he loves to come out a travel round with me. Dewey and Molly prefer time together ! ) Have now posted some photos of my bunch on photobucket so please have a look ! Theres my two boys Cecil and Dewey (the brothers). Molly, Deweys girlfriend and Alfie my OW Amazon.
  12. Jersey is a lovely place. I was born here, lived in Wales for 8 years though (mum is Welsh!) but came back 5 years ago now and plan to stay !!! All of my Alexandrines came from a guy in Guernsey (another Channel Island) so I know a bit about their background as well, despite them having come from 'pet shops'. Dewey has been busy digging a hole in the wood shavings I placed in the nest box so I am hoping that his efforts will be acceptable for Molly !! she seems so fussy (typical woman !!). On a slightly different subject, my Orange winged Amazon was out for his flight last night with the others and it appears he has become rather attached to my 7 year old daughter. He is fine with everyone now when he is in his cage, likes head rubs etc. He used to be very snappy but has calmed down a lot with all the effort we have put in. Then last night he actually allowed my daughter to pick him up and ruffle his feathers and stroke his tummy - I was waiting for him to roll over like a dog he was so soppy. From what I know of him, no one has ever been able to do that with him before !!! Then when I walked over to them he flew quite violently at me. I was upset as it has been me doing all the feeding, claw clipping, chatting, baths and general care etc but it seems when he is with Gabby (my daughter) no one else can come near !!! This morning he was fine again, wanting me to rub his head as usual !!!
  13. Although I think the mutations are beautiful (especially the lutino) I think I will stick to the natural look of the Alexandrine - they are gorgeous enough as they are. I will try to post some photos soon ! I would definately be interested in 'swapping' a baby. Although it may be difficult as I live on Jersey (Channel Islands!) I am just keeping my fingers firmly crossed. It would be amazing to have some cute little alexies around the house ! As for flight space mine love to all come out together in the evening for a flight round the living room, although Molly bess her is still not very good when it comes to landing - having landed in my dogs water bowl on numerous occasions !! ) - Just to mention, my dog is a rescued Border Collie and loves the parrots, she does tend to leave the room when they are flying though, ever since the incident where Cecil landed on her when she was asleep and scared the life out of her LOL. Cecil thought it was great fun !!!!! I will keep you posted on any progress !!!
  14. Hi there everyone, I have actually been a member much longer than this but haven’t visited for a while and forgot my username and password so had to re-register !!! That will teach me ! Anyway just to give an overview – I bought my first parrots 3 ½ years ago, two male Alexandrines (Cecil and Dewey), they were brothers and were in a state when we got them. They were only 18 months old but the previous owner had no clue and quite happily gave them to us with a huge cage for £200 ! They quite quickly (with a decent diet and some attention) flourished to become very friendly and healthy boys. Then two years ago I spotted a lonely female Alexandrine in my local pet store/garden centre (a nice one that DOES look after their birds). I could not resist and bought her !! She and Dewy gradually became very close and it became clear that they were bonding. Poor old Cecil was starting to get pushed away so we put Molly and Dewey together and Cecil on his own in a nice big cage ! We have since ‘acquired’ an orange winged Amazon from yet another owner who did not have a clue. ‘Alfie’ was overweight, having been fed on sunflower seeds and peanuts alone ! We got his diet sorted (much to his disgust at first!) and he is now a very healthy boy and is slowly learning how to fly – now that he can get off the ground ! But I digress !! Molly and Dewey have become very amorous ! We have a nesting box which Dewey is dutifully making comfortable for Molly. I know she could have up to 4 eggs and incubation time is aprox 28 days. I was just hoping for any advice you could give me. Breeding was not a priority by any means for me. I would not care if they did not, but they seem so affectionate towards each other – so cute !!! Sorry I have waffled on forever, I am asking for advice coz my babies welfare will always come first. IF they do lay eggs I want to ensure health and safety of both parents and young – any advice welcomed ! Thank you x
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